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The Cendrón family long experience in sea tours turns any of the outings they offer into a classic of Puerto San Julián.

The Cendrón family has organized tours for over 30 years. Their experience has enabled thousands of tourists to learn about the good things nature has to offer, both regarding sea fauna and the history of this beautiful site and its surroundings.

“The bay is our natural habitat. When we started our business, we used to take adventurers down on a rowing boat and then on RIBs. Today, we have a 9-meter-long boat. We were born in the district and bet on the fact that tourists should enjoy and, at the same time, respect nature”, said Fernando Cendrón.

If there is one thing upon which each of the members of Pinocho Excursiones agrees, it is that Nature deserves the greatest of respects. They have been trained to pass on this message to each of the visitors that go out sailing with them everyday.

They know the story of Puerto San Julián and each of the episodes from the past that had Charles Darwin, Ferdinand Magellan and English privateer Francis Drake as protagonists of real facts in this scenario. Likewise, the story of Floriblanca, the first Spanish colony in Patagonia, unveiled these latitudes for the rest of the world.

  • The bay

    The bay

  • Commerson's dolphins

    Commerson's dolphins

  • Cormorants and Magellanic penguins

    Cormorants and Magellanic penguins

  • Argentinian Patagonia

    Argentinian Patagonia

Accounts of captains executed by Magellan back in 1520 or beheaded by Drake in 1578 were given while we bordered the coastline of the bay towards isla Justicia (Justice Island). The tragedies of hundreds of years gave way to terns, cormorants, oyster-catchers, and skuas, which have found the perfect habitat in this corner of the world.

We continued traveling and isla Cormorán (Cormorant Island) welcomed us with a colony of Magellanic penguins. We paid detailed attention to their feathers and lifestyle.

It was then when we witnessed a usual show during these sea tours. A school of Commerson's dolphins emerged by the boat, swimming and jumping and doing pirouettes on the water surface as if dedicating their performance to us. They even surfed on the waves. Along with the gulls and petrels that crossed the horizon, they made up a perfect ballet. All cameras on board immediately started to shoot the best pictures.

Sea tours add up to the tourist offer at Puerto San Julián, a place in Argentinian Patagonia where everyone knows their neighbor and quietness is breathed all around.

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Bear in mindBear in mind: Sea tours are subject to extreme weather conditions. Therefore, it is essential to get in touch with the agency before the outing.
They take approximately one hour and fifteen minutes. During January and February, they leave every two hours on a daily basis.
Private outings or tours for large groups are also available.


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