The Sea Hot Springs in Mundo Marino

These are the first hot spring waters in the Atlantic coast in Argentina. A place where the high season includes the whole year for the sake of tourists.

The Early Research

Termas Marinas is a novel undertaking, not only for the Atlantic coast, but also for the entire Province of Buenos Aires. They are located only 5 kilometers from the core of San Clemente del Tuyú, where there is a complete infrastructure for visitors. The fact that there are salt thermal waters under the surface provides an opportunity to offer tourists a new concept in hot spring waters: close to the City of Buenos Aires and good water quality.

In 1999, geological research determined the possibility of the existence of thermal waters in a venue located between Mundo Marino and the San Antonio lighthouse.

In order to verify the existence of the water, it was necessary to make an exploratory drilling, which meant a great investment risk. If the water popped up, there would be a happy ending for the adventure. Had the company not been successful, you would not be reading this story.

  • In the Atlantic coast

    In the Atlantic coast

  • For the entire family

    For the entire family

  • Indoor pool

    Indoor pool

  • Friendly environment

    Friendly environment

  • Aquagym


  • A few meters from the San Antonio lighthouse

    A few meters from the San Antonio lighthouse

But two wells were digged before being successful. If there is something the authorities of Mundo Marino have, that is tenacity. On the third opportunity, the coveted water sprang out at a temperature of 43° C.

The construction works of the thermal park began about the middle of 2004, in the facilities of the Bahía Aventura theme park (today called Termas Marinas) a few meters from the San Antonio lighthouse. This lighthouse, which is open to visitors, was built in France in 1892. It is 63 meters high and is considered a real historical and architectural monument. It offers a matchless panoramic sight of the sea and the impressive Samborombón Bay, full of streams and crab swamps.

Testing the Waters...

According to the analysis performed by doctor Néstor Hugo Ficosecco, a specialist in hydrotheraphy and thermalism, the waters at “Termas Marinas” have medical value due to their high temperatures and high content of salts such as chlorides, sulfates, iron, calcium, magnesium and sodium, to mention a few. In short, these features are the determiners of their therapeutical effects. This water differs from sea water in that it has 3 times more salts, chlorides and sulfates and 5 times more calcium.

This kind of waters is used in the treatment of multiple pathological processes and in the prevention and recovery of diverse conditions. Some of its beneficial effects include:

*Revitalizing effects on cells and tissues.
*Analgesic and antispasmodic results.
*Blood depuration.
*Reactivation of metabolism.
*Its high PH is beneficial and may be used for the treatment of skin diseases.
*It may fight contractures and muscle hypertony.
*Baths between 30 and 34°C improve blood circulation.
*Baths between 35 and 37°C are sedative.
*Iron and manganese contribute to improving skin processes such as nervous system after-effects. Skin psoriasis is an example of this kind of diseases.
*The presence of sulfates is beneficial for chronic respiratory disorders, such as asthma..

For this and many other reasons, Termas Marinas is a place worth visiting. This last undertaking of the famous Mundo Marino aquarium turns out to be ideal for all those people who wish to get away from the city and mingle with natural environments where health is a priority.

Furthermore, the theme park is located in a strategic area due to its high biological value. Every year, thousands of migratory birds choose this place to settle down.

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