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Hippopotamus, birdwatching on board an airboat and a tour on a tractor across a beautiful safari park are some of the alternatives that Mundo Marino offers.

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One of the new attractions of the aquatic park has moved to solid ground. The arrival of the safari park led to the incorporation of two new pets that have become the stars for the younger set.

Thus, one day, two hippopotamus -a male and a female- came in and became adapted to their new home, specially designed for them. Homero and Mafalda were the names given to them. And ever since they arrived, they have turned into a classical for children.

But they were not the only ones to come along. Mafalda was pregnant and gave birth to a small and funny little hippo that devotes all his time to imitating his mother and playing with his father. Whenever the mother yawns, the little one will also yawn. Whenever she sits down, he will sit down too.

The three of them are turning into one of the newest attractions in the park. What is the name of the little hyppo? You should visit his home and ask his coaches.

  • Red deer

    Red deer

  • Suitable for all ages

    Suitable for all ages

  • On board an airboat

    On board an airboat

  • A world apart

    A world apart

Safari Park

It is a kind of safari which, on board tractors and trucks, tourists visit a typical natural ecosystem in the plains of the pampas, which in addition to the characteristics of its flora and fauna, also shelters animals brought from other nooks of Argentina and the world.

As the tractor or the truck moves on, a tourist guide helps visitors interpret each corner nature shows them. She explains each animal's habitat and behavior, helps excursionists make them out when they perfectly mingle with nature and gives notice when they appear surprisingly or spontaneously.

Patagonian hares, hares, herons, ducks, seagulls, geese, parrots, coots and chimangos are known by everyone, but there are also red deer and fallow deer, African buffalos, coatíes, beavers, guanacos and even American ostriches, which approach the visitors to see if they will give them some food.

The tour crosses trails and hills, tracks and roads made by man as he rides on. But the jewel of the circuit is a beautiful natural salt water lake which at sunset, when the winds are calm, becomes a real paradise.

Formed by the same rías that deposit their waters in the Samborombón Bay, this small lake is packed with mullets that jump out to the surface and large black drums that search for some of the crayfish at the bottom.

A beautiful island is naturally formed as an ideal set for birds and seagulls of all varieties -as well as for migratory birds, something typical in these latitudes- to rest.

On Board an Airboat

As a child, I felt passion for action movies in which the heros would slide across swamps and marshes packed with crocodiles. No sooner had we learnt that there was one of those crafts in Mundo Marino and that we could slide across swamps, crayfish beds and rías in the Samborombón Bay, we ran to the boat in search for two vacant seats.

There, César Maldonado, who was in charge of this adventure and of leading the airboat, was expecting us along with twenty adventurers who, just like us, were waiting anxiously to feel the sensation of sliding and skidding on the mud at full speed, almost leaving the ground.

In a matter of seconds, we were all sitting on the airboat, each of us with our protection headphones on and eagerly waiting for the engine of the large fan to set out into the adventure.

The ría was quiet. A line of sea water would cause a soft movement on the surface, along which the anglers returning to the port after a fishing day would slide.

Thousands of birds of all species would walk the surface of the marsh eating small fish, shrimp or even small insects that got stuck on the clay soil when the tide is low every six hours.

But all the looks got on the infinite number of crayfish that would walk on one side with their pincers up, fighting one another and obviously attentive to the arrival of the airboat, running away in fright, getting down if necessary or sinking in the mud if there was no other alternative.

The flamingoes, the kelp gulls, the great white egrets, the seagulls and other birds become protagonists of the trips made by scholars and ecologists who get to this place from all round the world in order to unveil the misteries of migration in this natural reserve that protects both the river and the sea.

But it was high time to start our way back and, at full speed, one of the so many rías led us back to solid ground, a few meters from the colorful San Clemente port. A ride that is hard to forget.

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