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Villa El Chocón
A Museum Devoted to Dinosaurs at El Chocón
Ernesto Bachmann Museum is the proof of how science and effort are joined in order to offer an excellent testimony of dinosaur findings in the Neuquén basin.
Ameghino Museum and Peuser Library
Cipolletti's cultural environment consists of two entities whose activities and materials are housed by significant buildings.
San Juan
Around the Valley of the Moon
Ischigualasto Provincial Park opens up to allow a look into the past of our planet through the Triassic Period. A tour around the Valley of the Moon.
Cutral-Có / Plaza Huincul
Carmen Funes Municipal Museum
The Carmen Funes Museum displays an important paleontological show of fossil remains found in the region. Amongst them, those of the largest dinosaur in the world stand out.
Cultural Treasures in the Regional Museum
The Desiderio Torres Museum preserves testimonies of the several cultures established in this agricultural colony. This museum was named after an old native and is housed by the building...
Dinosaurs in Trelew
Argentinian Patagonia has given evidence of the presence of dinosaurs during several prehistoric periods. Research centers such as Egidio Feruglio Paleontological Museum...
Villa El Chocón
Following Dinosaur Tracks
Outside the local dinosaur museum, there is a chance to identify the tracks ourselves. This is not a story of fantasy but the real thing, available at Villa El Chocón.
Puerto Deseado
Jaramillo, Petrified Forest
We discovered the secrets of a forest with huge petrified trees which millions of years ago proudly showed off its large size.
San Carlos de Bariloche
Nahuelito Park and Dinosaurs
While touring around Bariloche, we discovered a venue where it is possible to learn something more about a topic that fascinates children: the time when dinosaurs lived on our planet...
Villa El Chocón
Navigating towards the Giants at El Chocón
A huge clay massif welcomed us after we crossed Lake Ramos Mexía. The marks of the wind and ancient secrets were unveiled before us.
Puerto Madryn
Sea Lions at Punta Loma Reserve
We visited the colony of South American sea lions dwelling in the Punta Loma natural reserve, one of the first protected areas in Chubut.
Cutral-Có / Plaza Huincul
Visit to Villa El Chocón
We went on a getaway to Villa El Chocón to see the paleonthological treasures hidden in the high plateau.
La Rioja
Visit to the Lost City at Talampaya National Park
At Talampaya National Park, maximum pride for the inhabitants of La Rioja, lies the Lost City. Touring around it is a journey back to the beginning of time.
San Carlos de Bariloche
“Asociación Paleontológica Bariloche” Museum
At the corner of Av. 12 de Octubre and Sarmiento, on the coast of Lake Nahuel Huapi, you will find the Paleontology Museum of Bariloche, which has numerous fossils from this region.

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Visits to museums have a leading role in Welcome Argentina. You will be able to choose any venue all throughout the regions that make up our portal. This section is a proposal to tour around their facilities hand in hand with our reporters and photographers, so that you enjoy the visits as if you were really there.

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