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Elegant and featuring a functional layout, Ostende is Pinamar’s baby sister. This traditional beach has a history to share and is one of the most popular destinations on the Atlantic Coast.

Upon entering the City of Ostende from the route known as Interbalnearia, our first impression was that we had found an urban settlement with low chalets, neat gardens and broad beaches with a soft undulation. This is one of the first tourist settlements in the area, as it dates back to 1913.

We went around its spacious streets, its stores and some of its sights. Libertador Avenue connects this city with Pinamar through a short roundtrip. The only difference between these two is their size and the size of their corresponding commercial centers.

During the daytime, we got past each of the beach restaurants and saw the variety of offers that capture tourists’ attention. In the summer, attractions are based on food specialties, music shows or sports activities. Sunbathing and swimming in the cold waters of the sea are the most popular habits.

  • Development of low chalets

    Development of low chalets

  • Gentle descent to the beach

    Gentle descent to the beach

  • Very wide beaches

    Very wide beaches

  • Old Hotel Ostende

    Old Hotel Ostende

  • It has its own life and charm

    It has its own life and charm

As we walked along the beach, we came across a historical house, the summer residence of a former president and his family: Arturo Frondizi. Small and made of wood, La Elenita is a simple house boasting a direct view of the sea and the enviable sea horizon.

We left a visit around the stores for the evening. The commercial center lies along ten blocks on the Central Avenue, which ends at a roundabout. The other end of the street features a layout that resembles that of a fan. On Victor Hugo Avenue, we found the church parish raised to pay tribute to Beata Laura Vicuña. Its lines are plain and modern at the same time.

On the corner of Cairo and Biarritz Streets, the old Hotel Ostende well deserves a visit. Featuring a classic architectural style, it represents the beginnings of the village and is a reason for denizens to feel proud. Raised over a century ago, it shelters memories from its best-known guests on the days on which Ostende used to be reached by cart. A group of the Buenos Aires elite, including some famous writers, would visit its rooms and even dedicate pages of their works to this emblematic site which dates back to the early twentieth century. At present, it offers a very modern accommodation service.

Just like a great number of people who practice this healthy sport, we dedicated the early hours of the morning to long walks around the shady areas and the beach. In addition to the changing hues, we could appreciate the aroma of the vegetation, still humid from the dew.

It is well-known that the weather conditions in this seaside area may change from one moment to the next. However, this is not an impediment for vacationers to pay a visit to this exquisite urban settlement with a life and a charm of its own on the Argentinian Atlantic coast. People choose it to enjoy intense activities as well as to rest on the beach or at the apartment.

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