La Elenita House Tells its Story

Very simple, occupying a minimum surface and overlooking the sea, it was a pioneer of its days, when the sand hills and the strength of the water would always win the match against desolation.

Declared Provincial Historical Monument, La Elenita used to be a summer residence in Ostende for former President Mr. Arturo Frondizi and his wife. Neither the wind nor the sand managed to submit it and today it gives account of its past.

Many years have passed since January 1935, when Frondizi and Elena Faggionato inaugurated their place in the world to gather their families during the summer. They saw these shores for the first time in the 1930s and they were dazzled by the quietness and the lifestyle by the sea.

Located in the middle of the sand hills and assembled by the members of two families with materials sent from Buenos Aires, it treasures home stories but also information about the early days of Ostende.

Its structure has been completely made with wood and it had to face several tempests. In 1948, one of them moved it from its foundation and it had to be moved to a more appropriate site. Later on, the sand partly buried it on several occasions.

  • Pioneer of his time

    Pioneer of his time

  • Oceanfront


  • Historical monument

    Historical monument

  • Today realizes his past

    Today realizes his past

  • down the street Estocolmo

    down the street Estocolmo

During some winters, the loneliness of this place gave way to usurpations, until finally in 1993, a niece of the Frondizis took charge of its refurbishing. María Mercedes Faggionato managed to locate it a few meters away, in a more sheltered space but without losing its original traits.

To reach it, visitors must go down to the beach through Estocolmo Street. Surrounded by tamarindos and lying meters away from the beach bar known as El Faro (The Lighthouse), lies this relic that has been highly appreciated and shows the simplicity of its former dwellers.

The house continues to be owned by such families but it is shared with everyone who has the wish to visit it. It has certainly become a cultural attraction at this district.

"This estate, which used to be enjoyed by Arturo Frondizi during his vacations, still treasures the spirit of civic austerity and republican simplicity preached by this close friend of nature” reads a plate paying tribute to the former president.

Autor Mónica Pons Fotografo Pablo Etchevers


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