Las Tropas Pass

8 kilometers away from Nono, on the verge of Chico River and at the foot of Sierras Grandes, you will find the beach of Las Tropas Pass with beautiful natural waves...

To get to this particular place , you must go to the entrance of Rocsen Museum, turn to your right and run 2 kilometers to Las Calles town.

This place takes its name from the fact that Gral. Paz's Troops ( Unitary) and Gral. Bustos' Troops ( Federal) passed by this place in the Liberating Campaign of 1830.

Once in the area, you will enjoy the facilities offered in the camping site that has bathrooms, grills, restaurant and parking lot with a thick wood.

In the river, you will swim or have a dip in the waters of Chico River. Fishers will try their luck and get some small catches like catfishes , chatos, trouts, moharras, atherines and perches.

  • On the verge of Chico River

    On the verge of Chico River

  • Beautiful natural waves

    Beautiful natural waves

  • At the foot of Sierras Grandes

    At the foot of Sierras Grandes

  • Autochthonous vegetation

    Autochthonous vegetation

  • Troops passed through it

    Troops passed through it

On the small beach, you can enjoy the sun or play quoits while the youngest build up sand castles.

To sum up, you will be able to hire a horse riding excursion lasting an hour and visiting the surroundings or else, go on an adventure tourism excursion on 4 trax or "unimog" vehicles.

After spending a whole day in contact with nature, you should go to Las Calles Town and visit Our Lady of the Rosary Church which has a special colonial style with simple lines and a bell bable with only one bell.

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