Tours and Activities in Nono

  • La Viña Dam

    La Viña Dam

    25 kilometers from the City of Nono is La Viña Dam, a magnificent engineering work which astonishes visitors by its astounding dimension.

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  • Las Tropas Pass

    Las Tropas Pass

    8 kilometers away from Nono, on the verge of Chico River and at the foot of Sierras Grandes, you will find the beach of Las Tropas Pass with beautiful natural waves...

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  • Quiet Streets and Sandy River at Nono

    Quiet Streets and Sandy River at Nono

    A town with history, trails that cross its matchless valley between the Pocho and Achala Mountain Ranges and religious features that still accompany its denizens in remembrance of priest Brochero.

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  • The Rocsen Museum

    The Rocsen Museum

    5 kilometers away from Nono you will have the chance of visiting special Rocsen Museum which shows 18,000 pieces belonging to all disciplines in a piece of land of 1530 m².

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  • Tourism in Córdoba and its mountain ranges

    Tourism in Córdoba and its mountain ranges

    The Province surprises visitors with its countless attractions, framed by the mountain systems, its rivers and creeks, its green areas and woodlands, its mild weather and its unique natural scenes...

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