New Hot Springs in Necochea

A fantastic piece of news for this zone on the Atlantic coastline: new hot springs have been found in the City of Necochea. Of course we paid a visit.

Something new appears every year and the unthinkable becomes true. That is how Médano Blanco, Termas del Campo, a new hot spring resort located in the south of the province of Buenos Aires, 45 kilometers away from Necochea, emerged.

This hot spring venue was built inside a 42-hectare estancia teeming with fields and woods. Its main house –an icon in the region- has been declared of public and tourist interest by the city. Five thousand meters of modern infrastructure, where the indoor thermal pools are contained, have been added to this relic. The facilities include a luxurious Spa del Campo, with numerous anti-stress treatments, private hot spring water rooms, natural therapy sessions, balancing massage sessions, facial treatments, mud therapy and water circuits such as sauna, steam baths, hydro-massage rooms and Scottish shower.

The treatment is ideally set within an environment full of pine and eucalyptus woods that helps comfort body and soul. A natural 18-hectare pond also contributes water to this delightful green field.

  • Massage in our Spa

    Massage in our Spa

  • Therapeutic actions and favorable health effects

    Therapeutic actions and favorable health effects

  • Skin treatments

    Skin treatments

  • Thermal indoor

    Thermal indoor

The venue offers various gastronomic options and, in turn, there are two picnic areas for those who choose to bring their own lunchboxes. One of them is outdoors and the other one features an eye-catching view of the pond. These services are included in the fee.

An art gallery operates inside the traditional estancia main house. Local and regional artists show their work there every month.

A gathering point for visitors to the city year round. This is an ideal destination to enjoy with a life partner or the entire family while staying in the beautiful City of Necochea, which lies just half an hour away from this new paradise.

Autor Pablo Etchevers Fotografo Gentileza Médano Blanco, Termas del Campo

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