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A Ride around Downtown Merlo

Be surprised with the dazzling and picturesque mountain range environment at Merlo and discover its natural and architectural charm, in a tour around the most important sites of this city.

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Adventure Travel at Mount Áspero

A circuit that combines 4 x 4 and hiking along Merlo mountain range, leads us among beautiful falls and cascades to unveil the remains of a people frozen in time.

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Filo Serrano, viewpoint of the Sun and viewpoint of the Condors

Filo Serrano is a proposal for the whole family, with incredible views of the Conlara Valley and magical sunsets. A must-have from Villa de Merlo.

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The Merlo’s Micro Climate

Villa de Merlo has earned the prestige to have the third micro climate in the world. It may sound like a slogan but it is true and it is good to know why.

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Tiger Waterfall

Salto del Tigre is a walk that never ceases to amaze. It is an imposing waterfall quite far away deep in the mountains and valleys whose.

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Trekking and rappelling at Salto del Tabaquillo

Immersed in a thick slope, we went on an exhaustive moutain trekking excursion to a refreshing cascade. We encountered the adventure in every step we made...


Paragliding in Villa de Merlo and Carpintería

The paragliding adds more followers who visit Carpintería for its climatic conditions and thermal currents to enjoy free flight in the mountains.

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<i>Cerro de Oro</i>, a Town in Pure State

<i>Cerro de Oro</i> lies very close to downtown Merlo and its countryside aroma provides a moment in full contact with the soil and a calm pace.

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<i>Piedra Blanca Arriba</i>

Almost on the border of San Luis and Córdoba, <i>Piedra Blanca Arriba</i> offers its quiet mountain nooks, where an ecological reserve strengthens its well-known micro-climate.

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<i>Traslasierra</i>, Valleys and Fresh Air

An inner road that joins Villa de Merlo and Mina Clavero leads into each and every small hundred-year-old town that has emerged parallel to the Mountains.


Dahab, Apart Las Nubes Restó

The restaurant is part of a relaxation area where customers can feel as if it were a family house and food is prepared for visitors with a mixture of Hindu, Thai, Chinese and Arab gastronomy.

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Sunshine and Wildlife on the Way to the Viewpoint

Framed by the mountain range, the valley that surrounds Villa de Merlo has an incredible magnetism towards everything related to life amidst nature.


Kurteff Museum, Art and Metal

Kurteff is a museum where works must be observed and felt with devotion and care, and with enough time to understand the technique and the message their author wished to transmit.

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Painter Scrossopi's House Museum

When visiting a museum, we come close to the life of a district through the history of the characters that left something to pass on. Palmira Scrossopi's house is no exception.


Poet Antonio Agüero's Museum

Antonio Agüero, poet of birds, lived a few blocks away from the historical square and devoted his life and his literary work to his beloved Merlo. His house treasures his memories.

Tourism in San Luis

The Province of San Luis features perfect geographical traits, not only to observe but also to enjoy various recreational and adventure activities that have multiplied in the last few decades.

Hotels and accommodations in Villa de Merlo

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