The Merlo’s Micro Climate

It is inevitable to wonder about the secret of this area of the Comechingones hillsides that produces benefits both for human beings and plants.

Does it never rain in Merlo? Is the weather fine during the whole year? Do they have 365 days of sunshine? Does humidity not bother them? What can we expect during our stay at this location? These are the first questions that have popped up every time we heard about the micro climate existing in this area. We guessed the answers to those incognitas should have scientific groundings and thus we would have to do some research.

The old dwellers of this region used to attribute special features to the climate and they could not understand how the cacti could co-exist with the ferns on the hillsides. While observing, they asserted that the climate variability was directly related to the topography and the air movements allowed by it.

From everything we heard and listened to and from the conversations we held with people who have lived in Merlo for long years, we concluded that the valid explanations were those provided by the books.

  • The Comechingones hillsides

    The Comechingones hillsides

  • The climate variability

    The climate variability

  • The absence of pollution

    The absence of pollution

  • The city lies between two mountain ranges

    The city lies between two mountain ranges

  • 900 meters MSL

    900 meters MSL

To begin with, the city lies between two mountain ranges which serve as a relatively dry climate corridor. Other significant factors are the height -800 and 900 meters MSL- the annual rainfall regimes that do not surpass 800 mm and the 20-degree-centigrade average temperature.

But there is more. The humid winds that come from the east and provide polluting elements are contained by the 2,000-meter-high Comechingones Mountain Range and their north-south orientation.

Due to the constitution of their rocks, these ancient massifs give off a very low electric charge with negative ionization while at the same time they liberate oxygen atoms that then become ozone.

All these ecological factors have been studied and verified and they create an atmosphere with excellent proportions of oxygen that benefits both human beings and plants. The presence of lichen in the latter gives evidence of the existence of oxygen and the absence of pollution.

The rest of the phenomenon is in charge of the sun, whose energetic charge influences the area in a very comforting and relaxing way that may only cause well-being.

It is not only one factor but a few which are combined in order to manage this healthy state that made us feel well the moment we breathed in this air.

“The climate of Merlo is healing”, is a phrase we heard repeatedly during the week we stayed there. We felt this in our own bodies and agreed with that statement, as our chronic upsets seemed to have magically disappeared. The truth is that these positive charges are felt while staying at Merlo, where these problems are soothed but not healed. This is certainly a great excuse to stay longer.

The local dwellers know that by taking care of the environment, they will take care of the bountiful nature present at this narrow strip lying by the mountains. Those of us who visited Villa de Merlo indulged our bodies with that pollution-free air we always dream of.

Autor Mónica Pons Fotografo Eduardo Epifanio


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