Mar del Tuyú, in Partido de la Costa

A tourist destination for many families in search of a place to rest and breathe sea air free of pollution, this district invites visitors to enjoy outdoor activities and a little nightlife.

People choose Mar del Tuyú to spend their vacations due to the quietness of this seaside village that gives privilege to beach activities. Sunbathing as much as they can, practicing some sport on the sand and getting in and out of the water as many times as we wish becomes the main topic of the summer.

We toured its simple streets, separated from the beach by the sand hills, and found everything we needed for a stay without any inconvenience.

As it is a small population, everything lies nearby. It is common to observe that many vacationers move on foot carrying their parasols and picnic stuff, as well as foldable chairs. Cars remained parked. Bicycles and ATVs are the usual means of transport.

  • Unpolluted sea air

    Unpolluted sea air

  • Tourist destination of many families

    Tourist destination of many families

  • Beach activity privileges

    Beach activity privileges

  • The tranquility of a seaside village

    The tranquility of a seaside village

  • As much time in the sun

    As much time in the sun

Once on the waterfront and Calle 75, we were surprised by its pier. A great deal of fishing enthusiasts quenched their thirst for a good catch without any haste. They probably knew about the tides. This dock built in wood goes 100 meters into the sea. This distance is enough to access the breakwater, a strategic point to cast their lines and lures. As it is well lighted, it is visited during the night and all the necessary angling gear is available at its facilities, either for sale or rent. Likewise, boat outings are offered at the venue.

Also on the shore, we observed the architecture of the Town Hall. According to what we were told, that building used to house the so-called Gran Hotel Tuyú, inaugurated on the early days of these seaside resorts, in the mid twentieth century. It has not undergone many structural changes.

We continued walking until we found its famous lighthouse on the corner of Calle 69 and 1. It remains active and it is essential to guide the fishing boats.

The religious spirit is represented by Stella Maris Chapel, patron saint of fishermen. Also, by the cross known as Cruz de la Nueva Evangelización, made of quebracho colorado wood.

On windy afternoons, when there is not enough confidence to go to the beach, the alternatives include a visit to the handicrafts market located at the square known as Plaza de las Provincias Argentinas. René Mermier Multifaceted Museum is another option and in the summer visitors may enjoy amusing shows.

Nearby beaches like Santa Teresita, with its downtown area and nightlife entertainment, as well as Costa del Este and, a little farther, San Clemente del Tuyú and its theme parks well deserve a visit.

The number of visitors to Mar del Tuyú increases every year. This is a sign of the good offer available at its beaches.

Autor Mónica Pons Fotografo Pablo Etchevers

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