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Mercedes is very near the Iberá Weltlands. With quiet streets, old houses and lovely gardens, this town is a viewpoint from where you may capture the spirit of the wetlands, its sacred fire.
Wandering around Mercedes is a privileged experience for every visitor. By bicycle or on foot, any excuse is perfect for visiting every corner and living the pace of life which, compared to other cities, is slower and steady.

These streets are quiet, though, they are also popular. This town is made up of very old properties attesting to the past of aristocratic lifestyle. It is typical to find old houses designed in Italian style, with balconies and iron gates. Besides, visitors can take advantage of staying at traditional hotels while enjoying food stores in town, from where they can arrange a trip to the wetlands and swamp lands of the littoral region.

At Mitre Park is the Culture House, a building constructed in 1890, which was restored and refurbished, and finally opened in 1996. This building houses several museums: Municipal Historic Museum, Colonial Museum, Art Museum, the Littoral Region Museum the Municipal Art and Language School, and the Municipal Library.
  • Esteros del Iberá Lake

    Esteros del Iberá Lake

  • Quiet streets, old houses and lovely gardens

    Quiet streets, old houses and lovely gardens

  • Brave Heart...

    Brave Heart...

Since its opening date, the Culture House has gathered not only local art expressions but also regional ones influenced by recognized artists of the littoral region and well-known Argentine visitors. The Municipal Amphitheater and the Artist Forest, which makes the inhabitants of Mercedes feel very proud and usually attracts many tourists, are two “must” visits.

Another attraction inside Mitre Park is the Azcona Park Mausoleum, which honors the memory of a soldier from the Province of Corrientes who fought in the provincial civil struggles and in the Paraguay War. Close to that site and marking the passing of time, there is a famous sundial which is the pride of the locals.

The Municipal Palace is another of the greatest historic buildings constructed in town. Its traditional and long façade resembles the famous House of Tucuman ("Casa de Tucumán"), while its first floor is similar to the Buenos Aires Cabildo (the colonial government house). It has ceramic tile floor, white marble, local stones, carved framework and vitreaux depicting the coat of arms of Argentina, the Province and the town of Mercedes.

The jewel of the city is Cervantes Theatre, which deserves to be mentioned in a special paragraph. It is known as the “Petit Scala de Milan” because it resembles the small replica of the prestigious Italian theatre. Opened in 1928, its architecture turns this building into one of the mandatory tourist spots.

Mercedes is unique and you can feel the typical littoral tradition like Argentinian mate and the musical culture of chamamé on every corner. Farther away from Mercedes lie the Wetlands, where visitors are captivated by that vast sea of water and vegetation feeling love at first sight.
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Bear in mind: Mercedes is a town of wetlands with the most important number of hotels in the Iberá area. Colonia Carlos Pellegrini is the site from where excursions leave and the nearby estancias serve as accommodation, an innovative way to get in touch with this wild nature.


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