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In the Iberá reserve, nature takes over the senses. The new low impact processes raise awareness about the conservation of flora and fauna.

To visit the Esteros del Iberá, Colonia Carlos Pellegrini is the rural village where to base. Gradually the inns are established to facilitate the tourist promotion of this site as spectacular as it is lush and wild, a destination highly sought after by naturalists, photographers, biologists and, also, lovers of nature and ecotourism.

Wetlands and Ecotourism
The Esteros del Iberá make up one of the most important tropical wetlands, according to its extension and the species that inhabit it. Located in the center of the province of Corrientes, it maintains a close relationship with the Paraná River, whose ancient channels modeled the landscape, then appropriated by the morphology of the Iberá. Its water system consists of a network of estuaries, bathed and lagoons woven by canals, to become a diffuse system with sandy loins, which drains through the River Corrientes.

Iberá means "shining waters" in the Guarani language. Its importance as the second wetland in the world caused it to be declared a national park in 2018, one of the newest parks. It seeks to rebuild ecosystems of forests and grasslands and reintroduce species that had disappeared, such as the yaguareté, the anteater, the tapir, the pampas deer, among others. The commitment is to ecotourism and local development derived from conservation.

  • Horseback riding in the Esteros del Iberá

    Horseback riding in the Esteros del Iberá

  • Heron bird watching

    Heron bird watching

  • Yacaré, wildlife sighting

    Yacaré, wildlife sighting

  • Boat trips

    Boat trips

  • Caray monkey, wildlife sighting

    Caray monkey, wildlife sighting

  • Ypa Sapukai Inn

    Ypa Sapukai Inn

  • Ypa Sapukai Inn

    Ypa Sapukai Inn

The Ypa Sapukai inn is one of the recommended places to stay in Carlos Pellegrini. Once installed in the comfortable rooms, the resort is responsible for offering the walks to discover the beauty of the Esteros del Iberá. All the logistics is possible since the same establishment has a pier and all the elements to embark and tour the streams and lagoons, habitat of the most amazing fauna and flora.

To begin to understand the magnitude of the Iberá, the feeling that invades the visitor is like crossing a portal, a deep listening to the sounds of nature. The gallery forest is home to numerous animals, those who live in wetlands and those who inhabit the treetops. Biodiversity is huge and is the main reason for travel to The Iberian. Observing wildlife becomes a purpose, an adventure not to let go.

The guided walks and activities offered by Ypa Sapukai are the safe option to enter the jungle and witness animal life in its natural habitat. Whether walking in the bush, on day or night walks, enjoying horseback riding or crossing the canals in small boats to meet the black yacaré or the yacaré overo, the marsh deer, the river lobito and endless birds.

The inn has proposals with full board that include different combinations of excursions to contemplate nature in its most beautiful splendor.

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Contact of the excursion or tour

Ypa Sapukai

Colonia C. Pellegrini a 120 Km. Mercedes (3470) Esteros del Iberá, Corrientes

Cel: +54 11-37042288

Tour typeTour type: Horseback riding - Trekking - Boat trips - Wildlife watching
DurationDuration: 2 hours approximately
How to get hereHow to get here: The Ypa Sapukai inn is located a few meters from the Ibera Lagoon, immersed in a small forest of native flora that offers in every corner an ideal environment for relaxation, discovery and contact with nature, where the singing of birds allow us to share such a peaceful place.

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