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Estancias in Argentina


Texts: Pablo Etchevers
Estancias in Argentina

In Argentina, the estancias are tightly linked to the history and essence of our culture. Surrounded with tradition, they shelter the past and present of both criollos and immigrants.

All of them make up the history of our country: both the European grand houses amidst the pampas and the estates that have found their space among the northern sugar cane plantations, or even those that resist the Patagonian wind in southern Argentina.

A campfire will give warmth to visitors after a long trip and home baked bread and hot mate poured by the hosts will always welcome everyone.

Once opened, the gates invite to rest, enjoy peace and quietness. They are the perfect entrance to a different world where to search the heart immersed in the vastness of the scenery.

Traveling around our beautiful country through its estancias, estates and rural inns is a must. Here is a way to start, with the most accurate and detailed information you need to enjoy this singular experience.

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With so much coming and going
I opened my track in the field.
And the road became light
for the one coming after me.

In infinite rides
I stepped on the grass.
I scraped my poncho in the talas.
I was hurt by the thistle thorns.

The tracks are not formed on their own
or just stepping along.
There are dawns to wander
mature with sleepiness and cries.

Wind of unfair sands
slowly covered my track.
What before was a clear path
got full of thorn and mud.

It seems there is nothing
if you look without looking.
Everything is confusing bushes,
but my track is beneath.

Uneven is the road.
Today, I walk rough trails.
I step on the hurting thorn,
but my track is beneath.

Maybe one day the track is cleaned
by the ones that while they walk, they dream.
From a distance I will
give them my heart as a gift.

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