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Estancias in Argentina


Texts: Cristina Bozzoli, Pablo Etchevers
Estancias in Argentina

Surfing this section, visitors may find well-known traditional estancias where the presence of men and women, as well as the influence of rivers (both the Uruguay and De la Plata) may be appreciated in the rural activities and in the daily routines of life in the countryside in the littoral area.

Littoral Corridor

Rincón del Socorro

Rincón del Socorro

Colonia Carlos Pelegrini, Corrientes
Ruta 40-Km 83 - Esteros del Ibera  

Activities & Facilities: Swimming pool Horse rides Hikes Winery Photographic safari 
Languages Spoken: SpanishEnglish 

Estancia Rincón del Socorro is located 30 km south of Colonia Carlos Pellegrini, on the edge of the Esteros del Ibera (Marshlands of Ibera), in Ibera’s Natural Reserve, which is 13 000 km2 wide.
This complex ecosystem hosts a great variety of fauna upon which there are many endangered species. In Rincón del Socorro, 12.000 ha are dedicated to the recovery and the care of the environment. Conservation Land Trust Argentina, started in 1999 a great Project in order to preserve Ibera’s ecosystem, in these 12 000 hectares originally dedicated to the cattle ranch.
During your stay in Socorro, many activities are available in order to discover the different ecosystems of the marshlands and their fauna.
The lodge has a professional kitchen and we offer a high standard of organic cuisine. Organic fruits and vegetables are a major part of our meals, most of them are grown in our own garden and meat comes from animals raised in open air.
Activities: horseback rides, night safaris, motorboat tours on the Iberá Lagoon, hiking tours and trails, bicycle rides.
Infraestructure and services: Wi-Fi, Telephone, Library, Comfortable reading area, Video / DVD room
Area for card games, Playroom for children, Laundry, Minor repairs, Swimming-pool, Port and quay on the Iberá Lagoon
Yapeyú, Corrientes
Ruta 14 km 560 - Guaviraví  Tel: +54 11 45514245   e-mail
Activities & Facilities: Swimming pool Horse rides Rural activities Hikes Fishing Carriage rides Bird watching 
Santa Inés
Posadas, Misiones
Ruta 105 km 8,5 - a 20km de Posadas  Tel: +54 376 4436194   e-mail
Activities & Facilities: Swimming pool Horse rides Hikes Bird watching 
San Pedro
Concepción del Uruguay, Entre Ríos
  Tel: +54 3442 427328  
Activities & Facilities: Swimming pool Horse rides Rural activities Fishing Carriage rides Bird watching Photographic safari 
Las Mercedes
Eldorado, Misiones
Oficinas: Av. San Martín 873  Tel: +54 3751 431511 / 1488   e-mail
Activities & Facilities: Swimming pool Horse rides Hikes Fishing Bird watching Water sports 
Las Colas
Gualeguay, Entre Ríos
Ruta 11 km. 220 - a 10 Km. de Gualeguay  Tel: +54 3444 423022  
Activities & Facilities: Swimming pool Horse rides Rural activities Hikes Tennis court Museum 
La Violeta
Chajarí, Entre Ríos
Acceso sobre Ruta Nacional 14 - Km 317  Tel: +54 3456 423973   e-mail
Activities & Facilities: Swimming pool Horse rides Hikes Carriage rides Polo 
La Querencia - Casa de campo
Gualeguaychú, Entre Ríos
A 10 Km de la ciudad  Cel: +54 9 3446 403708 / 526392    e-mail
Activities & Facilities: Swimming pool Horse rides Hikes 
La Enriqueta
Gualeguay, Entre Ríos
A 260 Km. de Capital Federal  Tel: +54 3444 424114  
Activities & Facilities: Swimming pool Horse rides Rural activities Hikes Fishing Carriage rides Bird watching Photographic safari 
Haras Rancho Lodge
Eldorado, Misiones
A 5 Km. de Eldorado  Tel: +54 3751 425527 / 42-5087   e-mail
Activities & Facilities: Horse rides Rural activities Hikes Carriage rides Bird watching 
Estancia La Pelada
Esquina, Corrientes
Ruta provincial nro 30   e-mail
Activities & Facilities: Horse rides Fishing Small game hunting Bird watching Photographic safari 
Estancia Buena Vista
Esquina, Corrientes
3º Sección - Paraje Los Laureles  Tel: +54 3777 460169  
Activities & Facilities: Swimming pool Horse rides Hikes Fishing Carriage rides Bird watching Photographic safari 
El Vigilante
Concepción del Uruguay, Entre Ríos
Ruta 14 Km. 111,5 - cno. a Colonia Elia  Tel: +54 3442 422135  
Activities & Facilities: Swimming pool Horse rides Rural activities Fishing Carriage rides Small game hunting Photographic safari 
Don Joaquín
Esquina, Corrientes
10 Km. de la ciudad  Cel: +54 9 11 54667805   e-mail
Activities & Facilities: Horse rides Fishing Carriage rides Bird watching Body treatments 

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The national game of Argentina is pato (which stands for ?duck? in Spanish). This amusement started in the 1800s, and it consisted in putting a live duck inside a bag, which was tied up and disputed by two teams of horseback riders who were supposed to take the bag from one place to another. This bloody game would always result in the death of the duck. Years later, the animal was replaced by a ball with handles, still fought for today by players.

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