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Estancias in Argentina


Texts: Cristina Bozzoli, Pablo Etchevers
Estancias in Argentina

All along our sea littoral, some estancias provide visitors the chance to enjoy the benefits of rural life and the most traditional customs in our country while staying by the sea. At a spot where the quietness of the Argentinian countryside co-exists with the blue sea, dozens of estancias are looking forward to welcoming tourists.

Atlantic Beaches Corridor

Dos Montes
Cariló, Buenos Aires
Multitrocha y rotonda Cariló  Tel: +54 2254 480045 / 495688   e-mail
Activities & Facilities: Swimming pool Horse rides Winery Carriage rides Tennis court Polo 
Estancia Apolo XI
Tres Arroyos, Buenos Aires
  Tel: +54 2983 425396   e-mail
Activities & Facilities: Horse rides Rural activities Hikes Fishing Carriage rides Small game hunting Bird watching Body treatments 
La Demasiada
Balcarce, Buenos Aires
Ruta 226 desvío km 35,5  Tel: +54 223 4642587   e-mail
Activities & Facilities: Swimming pool Horse rides Hikes Fishing Golf course Paragliding 
Mar de Ajó, Buenos Aires
Ruta 11 km 360 - Punta Médanos  Tel: +54 2257 420983   e-mail
Activities & Facilities: Horse rides Fishing Bird watching 

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To define it briefly, this is a cold mate infusion. Orange or lemon peels or some other fruit from the Argentinian littoral area are usually added to the yerba mate. In this case, cold water ?many times iced- is poured into the mate cup in order to quench the thirst, especially in the summer, when the scorching heat invites everyone to take shelter in the shade.

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