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Estancias in Argentina


Texts: Cristina Bozzoli, Pablo Etchevers
Estancias in Argentina

Located in the mountain range area, dozens of Argentinian estancias provide visitors the chance to rest, relax and enjoy the philosophy of rural life in Argentina. Specially conditioned to entertain tourists, they offer new accommodation services in addition to their tourist attractions, ideal for the entire family.

Mountain Range Corridor

Alto San Pedro
Villa Giardino, Córdoba
Camino Alto San Pedro s/n  Tel: 41010   e-mail
Activities & Facilities: Swimming pool Horse rides Hikes Golf course Paragliding Rock climbing 
Dos Lunas
Alto Ongamira, Córdoba
Ongamira a 120 Km. de Cba.  Tel: +54 11 51069582   e-mail
Activities & Facilities: Swimming pool Horse rides Hikes Winery Bird watching 
El Silencio
La Falda, Córdoba
Camino del Cuadrado a 11km de La Falda  Cel: +54 9 3548 574804  
Activities & Facilities: Swimming pool Horse rides Rural activities Hikes Fishing Museum Photographic safari 
Hostería Potrerillo de Larreta
Alta Gracia, Córdoba
Camino Los Paredones km.3  Tel: 425987 / 3804   e-mail
Activities & Facilities: Swimming pool Horse rides Hikes Bird watching Golf course Paragliding 
La Paz
Ascochinga, Córdoba
Ruta 66 km 14   e-mail
Activities & Facilities: Swimming pool Horse rides Hikes Carriage rides Polo Bird watching Golf course 
La Soñada
San Marcos Sierra, Córdoba
A 31 Km. de Capilla del Monte  Tel: +54 11 531-8186   e-mail
Activities & Facilities: Swimming pool Horse rides Rural activities Hikes Carriage rides Bird watching 
Santa Rita
Despeñaderos, Córdoba
  Tel: +54 3547 492057   e-mail
Activities & Facilities: Swimming pool Horse rides Carriage rides Tennis court Small game hunting 

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The sight hesitates, though it manages to see beyond, what lies on the other side. Opening a gate and crossing it is a unique experience, hard to put into words. It should be lived. It is like opening a door into the unknown and this may turn out to be a fascinating activity for tourists at the many estancias waiting to be discovered, where they will be welcomed with open arms by rural men and women.

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