Fishing at Lake Tres

We fished at one of the shallowest and most picturesque lakes in Patagonia, ideal for fly-casting beginners.
We resolved to visit Lake Tres, in the outskirts of Esquel, to practice fly-casting. Very early in the morning, we got on the car and took Route 40 heading East towards the Pico River. We drove along 250 kilometers.

At the last stretch, the road featured the kind of slopes a 4WD vehicle can sort out. The steppe was giving way to the meadows and the vegetation was changing all around. One kilometer before we got to our destination, we spotted the water body, lying on a depression surrounded by woods and low hills.

Once we had finished organizing everything, we got ready to enjoy fishing. Fly-fishing is very much practiced in this region and catch-and-release is mandatory. It is important to bear in mind that the fish should get enough oxygen before it is released, so that it may live.
  • One of the shallowest

    One of the shallowest

  • The calm waters

    The calm waters

  • Omar

    Omar "Banana" Martínez

  • Rainbow trout

    Rainbow trout

Before we set out, we had been told that specimens ranging from 2.5 to 6 kilograms -especially rainbow trout- may be found in the lake. These individuals love the freshwater mussels that dwell in the bottom of the lake. We could prove that.

In order to manage good fishing in this lake, the best option is to use three lines: one floating line, one slow sinking line and another one that might carry the fly to the bottom. It is mandatory to use flies without barb in order to release the fish more easily once it is in our hands. As far as the gear is concerned, it is enough to bear any light equipment up to number 6 and to use floats.

As we watched the nymphs, we realized that there is a great deal of organisms in the region. Small insects very well-known by anglers, such as scud fly and several dragonflies, stand out.

No matter what fishing alternative is chosen, Lake Tres guarantees a unique tour in which the calm waters and the habitat invite visitors to become immersed.

Marcos Rodríguez / Gentileza

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Bear in mind: The ideal time to visit Lake Tres is from December to January, but at the end of the season, fishing is also good.


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