City Tour in Eldorado

Eldorado is a city in Misiones that invites visitors to enjoy its attributes both during the day and at night. Its commercial center, its port on the Paraná River and its waterfront are part of a must visit.

Once we got there, we had no doubt we were in Misiones. The air is hard to explain. It is to be felt, as it is a mixture of constant heat and the aroma of tropical fruit, impossible to forget.

Eldorado mingles the presence of the rainforest typical of Misiones with ravines, woods and low hills that make the landscape look undulated. Spring is the most humid season in the year.

It is known as "the city of the long street", as the town unfolds along several kilometers that provide the chance to see the different neighborhoods when traveling by car or motorbike, the favorite vehicle among neighbors for daily errands.

  • A beautiful city missionary

    A beautiful city missionary

  • Prodigious red ground

    Prodigious red ground

  • Picturesque square

    Picturesque square

  • Post Office

    Post Office

  • A special pavement

    A special pavement

  • History and tribute

    History and tribute

  • An air and a special color

    An air and a special color

Schwelm Park lies on the shores of the plentiful Paraná River. Many local denizens visit this venue in the early afternoon or on weekends to enjoy the open air activities available at this large green space.

Eldorado was founded on September 29, 1919 by Adolfo Julio Schwelm, born in Frankfurt, Germany.

This pioneer figured out a way for agriculture and the timber industry to develop at this small city. This lured other Europeans who quickly settled down in the area and helped it make progress. People from Germany, the Netherlands, Switzerland, Italy, Denmark and Poland came along.

Schwelm Park houses an old municipal green nursery and the Founder's House, turned today into a Municipal Museum, totally worth a visit. The grave where the remains of this man rest is located inside the venue. This character left his homeland to weave his own history in this country and he fell desperately in love with the Province of Misiones.

Eldorado has a wide array of natural scenes where people may enjoy outdoor life. There is the chance to camp by rivers or creeks, ideal fishing environments, or else to relish the summer at the various waterfalls that provide a certain refreshment during the constant 30 degrees Celsius experienced at the city.

Some of its most remarkable campsites are Piray Guazú, Faubel (located on Piray Miní Creek) and La Playita. All of them are perfect to enjoy with the family and mingle for a while with these dreamed-of scenery.

Minutes away from the city, Elena, Küpper and Pomar Waterfalls are irresistible and provide the typical humidity of this rainforest environment. However, at times, these endless waterways remain hidden from human sight.

The riverfront promenade on the Paraná is considered the most beautiful part of this city. In addition to monuments and other sculptures made by local artists, the natural cliffs feature a panoramic view of the fascinating surroundings.

These are the landscapes that must have convinced people who used to live thousands and thousands of kilometers away to move to this wonderful city of Misiones and made it big and known worldwide, though the treasure that lured them has never been found. Of course, the name "Eldorado" comes from all the legends and myths about such treasure.

Maybe the real fortune was the scene itself and this prodigious red soil that gave life to everyone who made an effort to inhabit it and own it.

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