Arroyito, in the Limay Waters

When it comes to spending the day with the family, the Arroyito dam is an interesting option to make contact with nature. A water body featuring a unique turquoise hue and a generous green space...

Where to go without traveling too far so that all the members of the family may enjoy outdoor life, each the way they like? The proposal was Arroyito Dam and there we went.

Just like Villa El Chocón developed from the dam and the reservoir it proudly boasts, another area of the Limay River left the monotonous lifestyle of the steppe behind.

The construction of the Arroyito dam made it possible to supply more electric power at longer distances and turned the place into a more attractive site with good vegetation, magnificent turquoise waters and the chance to camp in a quiet environment.

Leaving Villa El Chocón, we traveled 25 kilometers along National Route 22 heading for the City of Neuquén and took the detour to the right that led us to our destination.

  • Arroyito hydro-electric dam

    Arroyito hydro-electric dam

  • The Limay River

    The Limay River

  • Bluish green waters

    Bluish green waters

  • The campsite

    The campsite

As we arrived, we found a nook on the shore of a creek. There was good shade under the willows and poplars in an open space. While other people were fishing (or trying to), others played with a ball. Grandpa prepared the asado and called us when everything was ready.

We all found what to do in that natural spot. The water body boasted a turquoise hue we had never seen before. The trees showed off as many colors as species dwelled in that area.

“We are going for a walk”, was the initiative taken by the ladies, and off they went along one of the many trails that cross the venue. They also discovered that they could reach the dam and watch the reservoir. Also, there were several mountain bike circuits to approach this location when coming from Neuquén or Cipolletti.

“We come here often, when the clutch of mockingbirds, herons or cormorants allow. We try not to bother them but we are fond of bird watching and, in such sense, this reservoir is a very important location to learn about the behavior of certain species”, replied a man who was carrying some large binoculars when we interrogated him. It was true: in spite of the presence of people, the birds were singing.

Thus, the afternoon came to an end and, as we retraced our steps on our way back home, we realized that the Arroyito dam must be praised. On the one hand, nature has been generous in this place. On the other hand, by building such a monumental work, man has provided added value to this natural and public space.

Autor Mónica Pons Fotografo Jorge González

How to get hereHow to get here: The area lies on the Limay River.
Leave Villa El Chocón following National Route 237, take the detour on the right towards the river and you will reach this spot after traveling 25 kilometers.
If you are coming from the City of Neuquén, take National Route 22 and turn into National Route 237. You will have to travel 50 kilometers to the detour.


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