Things to do in Copahue

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Copahue and its Hot Spring Center

Copahue is a thermal city and its famous volcano is to blame for this. Rare, different and exotic, after spending a while in this location, visitors learn to love it.

Contemplative Tourism

Crater of the Volcano

In Copahue you can take the excursion with a guide, what we recommend, since the best way to get to the volcano is horseback riding with an expert to guide you.

HydrotherapyContemplative Tourism

Pino Hachado to Lonquimay - El Manzanar Hot Springs

Leave from Copahue to Loncopue, the closest village to Caviahue, come down the Andes, take national route 23 to Las Lajas and from there take national route 22 to Paso Pino Hachado, situated at 1884 m...

HydrotherapySki & Snowboard

Ski in Caviahue

With the portentous scenography of millenary araucarias, and conjugating ski with the best thermal therapies, you will find in this resort...

Tourism in Neuquén

The tourist attractions boasted by the Province of Neuquén throughout its territory are multiple and each region has a particular feature.

HydrotherapyContemplative Tourism

Very Warm Waters

While in Copahue, visitors may visit two sites which have made this region famous: <i>Las Maquinarias</i> and <i>Las Maquinitas</i>. >, which stand for “the machinery” and “the little machines”...

Contemplative Tourism

Where the River Falls

When in Copahue, visitors should not miss the chance to see Salto del Agrio. Located in the city outskirts, the beauty of this site gathers curious tourists from all round the world.

Hotels and accommodations in Copahue

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