Things to do in Concepción del Uruguay

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City Tour around Concepción del Uruguay

Like other settlements in Entre Ríos, this village boasts lush nature resulting from its abundant waterways. As well, its rich architectural legacy has been contributed by its important history.

Popular Holidays

Concepción del Uruguay’s Carnival

Carnival at Concepción del Uruguay takes hold of the months of January and February. Like on previous occasions.


Concepción Hot Springs

Located at the access to the city, on the Uruguay River Corridor road, the hot springs of Concepción are ideal to be enjoyed year round.

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San José Palace

We present one of the most important mansions in Entre Ríos. Discover the most intimate corners of General Justo José de Urquiza’s home when you visit the Palacio San José.

Contemplative Tourism

Tourism in Entre Ríos, "a different land"

No sooner is this province mentioned than we immediately think about the Littoral, the colors of its carnivals, the spectacular sizes of their fish, its benevolent hot spring waters and its beaches packed with visitors...

Hotels and accommodations in Concepción del Uruguay

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