Things to do in Cipolletti

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A Stop at Paraje Confluencia

When it comes to learning about the great history of Patagonia, and in particular its present culture, a visit to Paraje Confluencia Museum, located in downtown Neuquén, is the answer.


A Treasure for Fishermen

A bucolic environment and the plentiful Limay, which brings good trout specimens, are ideal characteristics to enjoy a day fishing in the valley.


A Visit to Allen’s Municipal Museum

This place is beautiful, not only for the history it houses but also for the great deal of cultural activities held in it. A space specially recovered for visitors to enjoy.

Bird watchingContemplative Tourism

Near the Dam

The Arroyito Dam offers an attractive landscape that breaks with the monotonous steppe. A special choice to spend a day with the family.

Contemplative Tourism

The Richness of the Valley

The High Valley is known nation-wide for its export fruit production. A tour around the orchards gets us close to this important link in regional economy.

Tourism in Río Negro

The Province of Río Negro stands between the Andes Mountain Range and the shores of the Atlantic Ocean. Both ends feature different geographical traits and are popular due to their tourist destinations.

Contemplative Tourism

Paraje Las Perlas on the Limay River

Lying really close to this constantly booming city, one of the options for recreation and refreshment is the spot on the Limay River coast known as Rincón Las Perlas, sobre las costas del río Limay.

Religious Tourism

Saint Rita's Sanctuary in Ferri

The simplicity of Saint Rita's Chapel has become a space for faith, visited by those who acknowledge her miracles and pay worship.


Ameghino Museum and Peuser Library

Cipolletti's cultural environment consists of two entities whose activities and materials are housed by significant buildings.

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