Sea Delicacies

Discerning palates choose recipes based on the quality of fresh local ingredients at the good tables in the City of Camarones.

Camarones offers a set of excellent panoramic views from different points in the city. When it comes to choosing where to eat, there are several venues that offer interesting menus containing regional, national and international dishes.

While touring around the best-known places in the area, we discovered a restaurant called Indalo Inn, located on one of the most coquettish corners in Camarones. No sooner had we opened its door than we were impressed by its warm atmosphere and its soft harmonious hues, which got us ready for a hearty lunch. We were soon led to a quiet table, where we paid a close look at the menu.

Fish and seafood are the specialty of the house and preparations may be as varied as the taste of each customer. Mediterranean and classic food combined with international cuisine complete the menu. In all cases, the host proposes signature cuisine and is personally in charge of giving his dishes the necessary touch to make each presentation unique. In the kitchen, workers moved to and fro without stop. It was no secret that dishes were homemade and fresh.

  • The quality of fresh local ingredients

    The quality of fresh local ingredients

  • Located on one of the most coquettish corners in Camarones

    Located on one of the most coquettish corners in Camarones

  • The specialty of the house

    The specialty of the house

  • Signature cuisine

    Signature cuisine

As a starter, we chose shrimp with salsa golf. To one side, a delicate plate with mint invited us to clean our hands after touching the crustacean so as to avoid "the smell of the sea".

Then, the chef's creation called "octopus touché" came to the table. This mollusk is sautéed in olive oil and accompanied with a garnishing of chicory and black olives. We tasted this incredible combination of flavors, which we accompanied with an outstanding white wine we picked from the long list of premium Argentinian labels.

Another interesting preparation was white salmon Provençal or Roquefort. This fish is usually found on the coast of Camarones and every year it brings the National Salmon Festival to life.

We noticed the freshness of the ingredients, the balance of taste and the dedication and effort put to the making of each culinary option.

We came to the conclusion that, in addition to the natural beauties Camarones offers its visitors, it becomes essential to discover its gourmet cuisine. And Indalo Inn is a high-class referent.

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