Reaching a Charmed Fall

There is a unique site in the center of the Province of Misiones. A lonely fall amid the rainforest considered a place of worship and mystery by the Guaraníes.

Salto Encantado Provincial Park occupies an area of almost 14 thousand hectares. Inside its territory, flows a small creek called Cuñá Pirú, which gives origin to one of the most delightful sights in the Province of Misiones. Lying very close to the City of Aristóbulo del Valle, barely 12 kilometers separate this small district from the singular waterfall that welcomes tourists year round, as it is part of the attractions advertised by the Tourist Office in Misiones.

This waterfall was first spotted during an exploration outing back in 1936. There had been many legends about this place and its magical, religious and even extraordinary attributes. However, no one had been able to find it until this natural paradise was sighted amid the intense green hues of the Misiones rainforest.

The erosion caused by the waters of Cuñá Pirú Creek during millions generated this 64-meter-tall waterfall in a deep ravine surrounded by vegetation. It is a magical sight indeed.

  • A solitary waterfall

    A solitary waterfall

  • Rest area, viewpoint

    Rest area, viewpoint

  • Its geography in green and red

    Its geography in green and red

  • Pure nature

    Pure nature

  • A legend about its origin...

    A legend about its origin...

Reaching Salto Encantado, which stands for “Charmed Fall” in Spanish and is also known as Salto Escondido, or “Hidden Fall”, is perfect for adventure enthusiasts, especially those who enjoy hiking. This outing takes a short while and offers a unique reward that comes down from the heights.

A soft mist emerges from Salto Encantado. Trees, ferns, moss and fungi cover the ground while lianas and vines contribute rainforest features that make up this Garden of Eden.

There are other trails inside Salto Encantado Provincial Park that lead to different falls following wilder paths. They reach Salto La Olla (The Pot Fall) and Cascada del Picaflor (The Hummingbird Cascade). However, there are other shorter and charming trails that head for Acutí Fall.

Should visitors need another excuse to pay a visit, Salto Encantado Provincial Park is one of the 25 AICAS (Áreas Importantes para la Conservación de las Aves) (Important Areas for Bird Conservation) inside the Province of Misiones. Thousands of birds often found in large encyclopedias but rarely in real life dwell there. Salto Encantado or Escondido proposes a scenery where everything happens live.

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