History of Aluminé

The District of Aluminé was founded on October 20, 1915 and named head of the department. Today, that is considered the date of its anniversary. The spot known nowadays as Casa de Piedra (House of Stone), which lies 4 kilometers away from present Aluminé and then known as Rucachoroy, was the settlement of the first authorities. It was at this location that the Judge of Peace and the Civil Registry operated from 1905 to 1914. The Police Department did so from 1906 thru 1916. Years later, these entities were moved. The first Neighbors' Development Committee was founded in 1926.

The arrival of the first denizens could date back to approximately 1904, when Cristian Joubert settled down with his family in the proximity of the site known as Maipen. Likewise, Mr. Juan Benigar -another pioneer born in Croatia in 1883- reached this country in 1908. Two years later, he married Eufemia Sheypuquin, a woman from La Pampa who belonged to the Catriel dynasty. They had six sons and five daughters who contributed to populate the area.

Writer Félix de San Martín also settled down in the area. He chose the site known as Quila Chanquil in 1925. After his wife died, the writer resolved to move to Pulmarí for a season, until he finally became established in Poi Pucón, 5 kilometers away from Aluminé. That is the place where Ñancu Benigar -his eldest son- lives today.

All these pioneers helped the city to develop. However, none of them is considered the official founder. All these people and their families bet on Aluminé and encouraged all the economic and social activities that have supported and still support this attractive district.

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