Aguas Verdes, Overlooking the Sea

Options to have a good time are as many as the number of visitors to this district: sports, outings and local gastronomic specialties to delight every palate.

Once Provincial Route 11 is left behind to enter Aguas Verdes, a peaceful urban conglomerate whose building layout and lush green spaces are surprising appears.

Neat streets lined by stores and services of all kinds led us to the so longed beach. Many of them are named after famous Argentinian ships. We noticed the presence of young backpackers heading for some of the organized camping sites. We also came across families in their cars carrying parasols and foldable chairs on their roofs.

We felt enthusiastic about the cleanliness appreciated in Aguas Verdes, fostered by the signs that raised environmental awareness. One example is that pets are not allowed on the beach.

  • A flash of pleasure

    A flash of pleasure

  • A perfect combination

    A perfect combination

  • Immense beaches

    Immense beaches

  • Waves succeed each other

    Waves succeed each other

  • The essentials

    The essentials

As we saw the beach, we felt a huge pleasure. It was a quiet sunny afternoon but the waves showed a deafening strength. There were a lot of people. The colorful parasols and beach equipment ornamented the scene and the large space available made everyone feel comfortable.

We walked along the shore until we came to Duhau Palace, a beautiful venue immersed in the woods. This castle was built by the Duhau family following the Norman style.

The sand hills are tall and demand exercising our legs or else enjoying sand boarding, a very popular sport among youngsters.

In the afternoon, when everyone goes back to the beach, it is a must to make a stop at the bakery or the supermarket to organize a good snack before dinner. Likewise, stopping at some coffee house, pizza restaurants and the like is another option. Gastronomy is available in the downtown and entices everyone to indulge themselves.

Feeling the fresh air during a walk and riding a horse on the beach or across the woods of Aguas Verdes is good for our mood. One thing to remember when we go back home once the holidays are over.

Autor Mónica Pons Fotografo Pablo Etchevers

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