Ski for Beginners at Primeros Pinos

Primeros Pinos is a winter sports training center where beginners may have their first ski experience or improve their technique along with the rest of the family, steps away from excellent paved roads.

We reached our snowy destination at sunset. Well-groomed trails, a cozy inn and services welcomed us at Primeros Pinos ski center.

We left Provincial Route 13 behind. Made of gravel, it was covered by snow and featured several slopes that forced us to drive extremely carefully. This let us admire the surrounding scenery and the horizon far away in the distance.

Once we had settled at the inn, we contemplated the clear sky of Neuquén: intensely blue and studded with stars. It was undoubtedly a good omen for the following day, when we were planning to have a ski experience.

Sunset in the Mountain

  • Small size and good services

    Small size and good services

  • The excellent powder snow

    The excellent powder snow

  • Incredible ancient monkey-puzzle tree woodlands

    Incredible ancient monkey-puzzle tree woodlands

  • Tobbogans in order to enjoy the adrenaline

    Tobbogans in order to enjoy the adrenaline

  • Lying 1,500 meters MSL

    Lying 1,500 meters MSL

  • All we needed to feel at ease

    All we needed to feel at ease

  • A different place

    A different place

When we got up the next morning, some low heavy clouds were hanging over the mountain letting just a few sun beams through in order to throw some very special light on the entire ski center.

We approached the service area in the resort, where we could rent our ski and snowboarding gear. Those who cannot ski yet have the chance to rent tobbogans in order to enjoy the adrenaline of the slopes.

We made contact with Quelli-Mahuida, the name of the hill where the ski trails are located in the area known as Primeros Pinos. Lying 1,500 meters MSL, it features a relatively small skiable area. Yet, it is an excellent possibility for those who wish to take their first steps as far as ski is concerned. Its two trails have a thirty-meter slope that presents a twenty-three-degree incline.

A small surface lift took us to the top of the hill. There was also the possibility to go up on foot carrying the skis on our shoulders and then slide all the way down. We took a ski lesson to make the most of our day and start this sport with a good technique.

Our instructor’s patience helped us go down and avoid the slope by using a short slalom on the excellent powder snow.

As the lesson ended, we resolved to have a rest at the inn and recover our energy to go back to the trails in the afternoon. A good lunch and a short nap made us feel fresh again.

Primeros Pinos Snow Park offered all we needed to feel at ease: painstaking assistance and safety. “We always come along to Primeros Pinos in the winter because it is near our home, it is quiet and just perfect for our kids and for ourselves”, a couple from the High Valley of the Negro River told us.

In the evening, the quietness of the bedroom at the inn guaranteed complete rest. We dreamed that our skis were sliding on the soft slope, the horizon lay far away and the monkey-puzzle trees watched us pass by at full speed on the snow. We woke up without noticing we had been dreaming about our first steps at Primeros Pinos.

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DifficultyDifficulty: Low

Opening hoursOpening hours: the snow park is open from 10 am to 5 pm.

How to get hereHow to get here: To reach Primeros Pinos from Zapala, travelers must go along paved National Route 40 and then Provincial Route 13, made of gravel. From Neuquén, they must tour National Route 22 up to the City of Zapala –183 km– and then take National Route 40 and Provincial 13 up to their final destination. Visitors coming from Villa Pehuenia must travel 90 km along gravel Provincial Route 13 to reach their destination.

Bear in mindBear in mind: before traveling to Primeros Pinos, it is advisable to get in touch by phone in order to make sure there is snow and the inn is open. We recommend respecting speed limits allowed on the road and watching for slippery surfaces. Primeros Pinos is not an ideal site for experts or advanced skiers or snowboarders.

it has parking, first aid, daycare and private security inside the venue. The site is suitable for the entire family.


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