Contemplative Tourism

A Vantage Point in the Wind

An impressive panoramic viewpoint let us discover all the beauty around the village and it just took us a few minutes.


At the Mercy of the Winds in Lake Traful

On the shores of Lake Traful, a cozy campsite offers good facilities for camping and beaches, which are great spots for those extreme sport...

Contemplative Tourism

Craftmen’s Route

The local craftsmen opened the doors of their workshops to us. Using traditional top techniques, we were amazed by their experience and dedication.

Contemplative Tourism

Excursion to Ñivinco Cascade

Hidden in a thick Patagonian forest, the Ñivinco Cascade offers its best sounds in a nook where silence rules

Horse Riding

On Horseback to Coa-Có Cascade

The charms of Coa-Có Cascade and their proximity are an invitation to visit it on horseback. Without any effort, we rode uphill as we enjoyed nature.

Contemplative Tourism

Parque Nacional Nahuel Huapi

El Parque Nacional Nahuel Huapi fue la primera área protegida del país, creada en el año 1934 a partir de la donación de 3 leguas cuadradas de tierras que realizara Francisco Pascasio Moreno en 1903.

Contemplative Tourism

Searching for the Catarata Creek Cascade

An ancient and thick forest led us to a site teeming with light and sound. There was no other rush than to discover the origin of the crystal-clear water murmur given away by the mountain.

Tourism in Neuquén

The tourist attractions boasted by the Province of Neuquén throughout its territory are multiple and each region has a particular feature.

DivingContemplative Tourism

Traful’s Submerged Forest

We discovered a forest that preserves its shape but has lived under the waters of majestic Lake Traful for many years. A curiosity of nature.

MountaineeringArchaeologyContemplative Tourism

Trekking to Lakes Las Mellizas and Cave Paintings

Crossing Lake Traful is a great excuse to visit two lakes and the cave paintings silently waiting after an intense walk.

Contemplative Tourism

Villa Traful Waterfront

First-comers will notice the construction on the waterfront is the most attractive sight before starting a tour around the village.

TrekkingBird watching

Waterfalls Hidden in the Forest

The murmuring waters of the Coa Có and Blanco Cascades, the native forest swaying in the wind and the birds accompanied us along our hiking tour near the village.

Contemplative Tourism

Patagonian New Year

On June 24, the primitive peoples both from Chile and Argentina celebrate the beginning of the new year. An ancient tradition which attracts new visitors every year.

Hotels and accommodations in Villa Traful

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