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Villa Unión Villa Unión - Cañón de Anchumbil (photo: Eduardo Epifanio)
Located on the Bermejo River corridor, Villa Unión is the head of the District of Coronel Felipe Varela. It lies on National Route 76, three kilometers away from its intersection with National Route 40. It is considered the access to Talampaya National Park and Ischigualasto Provincial Park. Both sites have been declared World Heritage by UNESCO.

The city has gained tourist importance in the last few years and it is taking its first steps as a destination. It has consolidated its offer as a result of its unique attractions located at a short distance, such as Cuesta de Miranda and Laguna Brava Provincial Reserve. Tours to these locations leave from the district on a daily basis.

A typical view is made up by the less known natural areas in the surroundings of Villa Unión featuring geologic structures that resemble the ones observed at Talampaya. Even though their geological formations are smaller in size, their older age guarantees an added value.

The reddish hue of its hills, rock formations and sands are repeated at every sight. In addition, its dunes and its mountain scenes with a thousand colors are only interrupted by silence and the wind, due to the disposition of the corridor.

Banda Florida, Anchumbil, Vallecito Encantado and Guandacol are some points close to the city. They may be visited either on a hiking tour, on horseback or ATV rides. All these activities are available in the company of specialized local guides.

The city infrastructure includes accommodation options, restaurants and services for all categories. The staff working at these venues are friendly with visitors. Many young people have been trained in tourist science and are interested in making this town renowned, appreciated and well-famed.

Its vineyards and incredible craft wines are part of the features of La Rioja, together with regional jams and nuts.

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