Ladera de Nant y Fall


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Ruta nacional Nº 259, Trevelin, Chubut

Mobile +54 9 294 4697044 Phone +54 294-4697044

Cabins designed for relaxation and contemplation of nature, that is why the units are labeled as "mini-cabins" with zero environmental impact from its construction, installation and operation.
The units are independent, providing comfort, privacy and are equipped for the preparation of food with oven, stove, electric kettle, refrigerator and other utensils. The bed has a queen size mattress with a height of 34 cm, which provides a special rest after a day full of adventures and excursions. Internet access is included.
In an environment of 500 mts. you have tourist attractions that can be visited on foot: Nant and Fall Waterfalls Natural Reserve, Tulip Field, Nant and Fall Vineyards


  • Continental breakfast
  • Free Wi-Fi
  • Refrigerator

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