Things to do in Tilcara

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Carnival of Tilcara

The disinterment and burial of carnival is an ancient rite celebrated by the peoples of Northern Argentina. Beliefs, myths and dancing are part of this singular popular tradition.

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City tour around Tilcara

The district of Tilcara lies in the core of the Humahuaca Ravine, 85 kilometers from San Salvador de Jujuy. A place where archeology, anthropology and tourism become only one word.

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Iruya, Salta

Leaving Tilcara behind, visitors may reach beautiful Iruya, one of the most beautiful in the North.

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Llama Caravan

Hiking with llamas among old ruins, salt deposits, valleys and ravines: and ancient activity during which visitors have the chance to connect with the spirit of the “Pachamama” (mother Earth).

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Monumento Natural Laguna De Los Pozuelos

Con una increíble superficie de 15.000 hectáreas, situada sobre una planicie a 3.600 m de altura, la Laguna de los Pozuelos constituye uno de los humedales más importantes a nivel internacional.

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The World Cup Once Again. Come back to Tilcara!

History is simple: in January 1986, right before the Football World Cup, the then coach of the national team, Carlos Salvador Bilardo, searched for a "quiet" and "distant" place.

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Tilcara's Pucara

Only 1 kilometer from Tilcara, rises a historical site that makes it possible to watch what happens several kilometers away. Tilcara's <span style="font-style: italic;">Pucará</span> still preserves the magic of time immemorial intact.

Tourism in Jujuy

The Province of Jujuy is a very special place for tourists as even the smallest cities have been chosen as the trendiest destinations when it comes to going on a trip around northern Argentina.

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Utama Studio

There is no doubt that the Devil has found work for idle hands in the Argentinian North. Utama, which means “your house” in the Aymará tongue, gives a perfect portrait of the region...

Contemplative Tourism

Visit to Maimara

Maimará is located only five kilometers from Tilcara. Populated in the past by the Maimará and Tilcara Indians, today it still keeps the vestiges and customs of these cultures. Not to visit it is a sin.

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