Tilcara Tilcara - Photo: Eduardo Epifanio
Being the Head City of the homonimous department, Tilcara is located at 2465 meters above sea level on the verge of Grande River on Nº9 National Route and 84 kilometers to the North of San Salvador de Jujuy City.

The climate of this region is dry and mild, getting considerably colder as you get higher. The annual average temperature is of 20ºC. The poor vegetation of the area made up of acacias, pepper trees, poplars and willows provide the environment for the growth of a varied fauna including vicuñas, guanacos, foxes, ferrets, viscachas and condors.

This town of low adobe buildings with steep streets offers you all the magnificence of the quebrada view which is decked out with the live cultural life of its inhabitants.

Considered as the Archaeological Capital of Jujuy, there is a Museum belonging to Tilcara Interdisciplinary Institute which is considered as one of the most important in this specialty.

Only a few kilometers away from the center of the region, you can visit Pucará - meaning fortress- which has been built by the original inhabitants of Humahuaca Quebrada on both polychromatic hillocks.
Four trax excursions to Morado Hill, hiking, horse riding or even sandboarding in the surrounding dunes are some of the activities you can enjoy in the region.

There is also a Paintings Museum, a Sculptures Museum and a Carnival Museum where you can find typical characters as well as regional ceremonies.

The calendar of the Traditional Festivals is one of the most interesting touristic attractions of Tilcara since there are celebrations that thrill tourists. In Easter, Hermitages are built. Appart from that, The Popular Festival of the Tilcara man, the Chicha Festival, the Pachamama Festival and the Carnivals make this town a place to be visited all through the year.

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