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TANGO in Argentina


Tango in Argentina

From 10 to 23 August 2017 - Various locations around the City of Buenos Aires

Feeling that is danced and percolates through the curbs of the one hundred porteño neighborhoods. Existencial philosophy of the suburbs. All your history, your men and women, the neighborhoods, the sidewalks and the skies that drain through time in the city: Buenos Aires par excellence.

We cannot elude tango when we refer to our inextricable cultural identity. Writer Jorge Luis Borges defined it as "... the most outspread Argentinian production, which has insolently proclaimed the Argentinian name across the face of the Earth. It is evident that we must find out about its origins and prescribe a genealogy where neither the deified legend nor the definite truth be missing."

So far, everyone from the intellectual to the suburban create, feel and speak the language of tango. And even though much has happened since 1880, the essence of tango, brazen, unrestrainable and bonded by blood, remains latent in the canteens of La Boca and in the saloon bars of Recoleta.

Here we present its history, its places and mentors, something of the magic and the mistery of tango, as singular as inexplicable.

Karina Jozami -

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La Cumparsita
Music: Gerardo Matos Rodríguez.
Lyrics: Pascual Contursi and Enrique Maroni.

If you knew, that still deep in my soul
I keep that affection
that I had for you...
Who knows if you could know
that I have never forgotten you,
going back into your past,
you will remember me...

My friends no longer come
not even to visit me,
nobody wants to console me
in my afliction...
Since the day that you left,
I feel anguish in my chest,
say, woman, what have you done
with my poor heart?

However, I always remember you
with the saintly affection
that I had for you.
And you are everywhere,
piece of my life,
and those eyes that were my joy
I look for them everywhere
and I can't find them.

To the abandoned pad
not even the morning sun
peeks through the window
like when you were here,
and that friendly puppy
who because of your absence did not eat,
when it saw me all alone, the other day
it also left me.

Interpatagonia S.A.
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