Things to do in Santa Fe

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Merengo, the best <i>alfajor</i> in Santa Fe

Mentioning <i>“Merengo”</i> in the entire littoral area is talking about the best <i>alfajores</i> in Santa Fe. They were first made in the days when our country was just starting...


Santa Fe Brewery, the City’s Grandma

Santa Fe Brewery opened its door for us to tour around its first hundred years of beer tradition accompanied by one of its guides. A must visit during our stay in the city.

Contemplative Tourism

Through the Subfluvial Tunnel

Joining the capital of Santa Fe with Paraná, its twin city in Entre Ríos, the Subfluvial Tunnel turns both cities into a unique and attractive tourist area.


A dos horas, el Paraíso se llama Garibaldi

Paraná arriba espera un tesoro convertido en restaurante donde el litoral se viste de fiesta en cada plato, y donde la fama de ostentar “las mejores empanadas de pescado del mundo” es cierta.

Hotels and accommodations in Santa Fe

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