Reta’s Tunnel

Located in front of a shipwreck and inaugurated in 1998, the construction of the tunnel that goes through the dunes had the unconditional support of the entire town. This tunnel joins Reta with the sea.

Reta is a wonderful tourist village, a journey to a paradisiacal site whose followers remain faithful to it year after year.

It is not surprising that a long time ago in Reta (“in the middle of nowhere” for some or “at the right spot” for many), a group of neighbors came up with the idea of building a tunnel through the dunes (the only one in Argentina) to go from the city to the sea without walking on the sand.

One day small Reta became the talk of town due to the construction of a tunnel under the dunes that led to the beach.

At Reta, there is a long chain of sandhills standing between 200 to 400 meters from the seashore and fixed with tamarisks. But in the summer, the heat and usually the wind would make this area impossible to cross. That is how the citizens came up with the idea.

  • To go from the city to the sea

    To go from the city to the sea

  • Under the dunes

    Under the dunes

  • Small but brilliant work by civil engineers

    Small but brilliant work by civil engineers

  • Located in front of the shipwreck

    Located in front of the shipwreck

The tunnel was inaugurated in 1998 and it has lured curious visitors ever since. Today, a small gate opens into this fascinating experience which, though relatively fast and short, catches the eye of many visitors, mainly youngsters, who cross the tunnel once and again in both directions.

Opposite the tunnel, there lies a famous local shipwreck and when the tide is low, the remains of this ship may be appreciated and accessed through the boat ramp on 40 Street.

The typical photos inside the tunnel are part of the experience of having spent the summer in the City of Reta. One just needs to name it and it will be understood that this small but brilliant work by civil engineers has become one of the emblematic icons of the small tourist resort.

Autor Pablo Etchevers Fotografo Gentileza


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