The Yellow Submarine and The Whales

There is a new way to see the whales. How? From on board a yellow submarine that sets sail everyday from Puerto Pirámides to make the dream of hundreds of tourists come true.

And the dream did come true. What started out as a crazy idea ended up as a successful enterprise. Today, this is one of the most cutting-edge tourist attractions in the City of Puerto Pirámides and it is known as the yellow submarine.

“In the town where I was born
Lived a man who sailed to sea
And he told us of his life
In the land of submarines”

Watching the whales has always been a most rewarding experience. It creates bonds with Mother Nature and it shows us how tiny the human race is as compared to these enormous creatures that reach dozens of meters of length and can weigh tons. However, they show themselves subtle and kind.

  • It will be impossible to forget

    It will be impossible to forget

  • A new way to see the whales

    A new way to see the whales

  • Curiosity to see what is inside the submarine

    Curiosity to see what is inside the submarine

  • Comfortable interior of the submarine

    Comfortable interior of the submarine

  • The show is amazing

    The show is amazing

  • Built and designed especially

    Built and designed especially

  • An unmistakable image

    An unmistakable image

For a while now, the company known as Southern Spirit has invited visitors to the City of Puerto Madryn or delightful Puerto Pirámides to enjoy a fascinating experience in which the right whales are the great protagonists.

“So we sailed up to the sun
Till we found the sea of green
And we lived beneath the waves
In our yellow submarine”

Watching them under the water is like SCUBA diving next to them. In addition, it is them who come close to watch us. They feel curiosity to see what is inside the submarine. Of course, at the same time they show off their tails, fins and eyes and everything they wish to share with us during the tour.

If you are not familiar with this region, it can be said that both the whale watching watercrafts and the right whales themselves are part of the same postcard. As the tours come close to the watching spot, the engines are turned off to wait for them.

It is the whales or other sea species that come along to satisfy their curiosity. On board the yellow submarine, visitors may go down or up the deck as many times as they wish in order to appreciate the show both from above and below the water. For such purpose, the submarine offers forty windows under the water line of this submarine-ship.

“We all live in a yellow submarine,
Yellow submarine, yellow submarine.
We all live in a yellow submarine
Yellow submarine, yellow submarine.”

Built and designed especially to see right whales, Federico Contessi shipyard in Mar del Plata was in charge of making this dream come true. Not only was it assembled but also transported by land from that district to tiny Puerto Pirámides.

It was not an easy task to move it and to submerge it in the waters of Puerto Pirámides. A small dock had to be built for the crew to get on board the yellow submarine. Once this is managed, the watercraft is ready to set sail and wait for the famous creatures to appear.

“And our friends are all on board…”

That is the ending of the famous song and it is completely true. More than passengers or tourists, this experience is excellent to make friends for life. After sharing such a memorable adventure, it will be impossible to forget.

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