Things to do in Puerto Pirámides

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Contemplative Tourism

Monumento Natural Ballena Franca Austral

Una de las experiencias más sobrecogedoras que los argentinos tenemos el privilegio de apreciar en nuestras costas marítimas...

Whale watching

The Yellow Submarine and The Whales

There is a new way to see the whales. How? From on board a yellow submarine that sets sail everyday from Puerto Pirámides to make the dream of hundreds of tourists come true.

Contemplative Tourism

Wildlife Co-existing at Caleta Valdés

There is a chance to tour around the beaches of the eastern coast of the Valdés Peninsula and find a magnificent show: the wide range of sea fauna that settles down there several months a year.

Whale watching

Strange Creatures

In one of the right whale watching tours, we were amazed to see a white calf. Here we present the features of this rare specimen.

Whale watchingContemplative Tourism

Whales watching

Breaching, lunging and lobtailing, the southern right whales performed an unforgettable aquatic ballet.

Bird watchingContemplative Tourism

The Birds' Refuge

A large diversity of sea birds dwelling in the Valdés Peninsula may be watched at the Isla de los Pájaros Provincial Reserve.

Contemplative TourismBird watching

<i>Estancia</i> San Lorenzo, Penguin Land

<i>Estancia</i> San Lorenzo has an important Magellanic penguin colony with specimens which arrive every year in order to comply with their reproduction cycle.

Contemplative Tourism

Elephant Seals at Punta Delgada

If a lighthouse is an attraction itself, then Punta Delgada adds up the presence of huge elephant seals that make up a major colony on the beach.

Bird watchingContemplative Tourism

The Last Refuge

Far from past threats, an important colony of South American sea lions dwell in the Punta Pirámides Provincial Reserve.

MuseumsContemplative Tourism

Visit to the Interpretation Center

The Interpretation Center is located at the access of the Valdés Peninsula and it contributes the necessary information to understand life at the natural reserve.

Tourism in Chubut

The Province of Chubut encloses two very contrasting scenes highly coveted by tourists coming from big cities: the mountain and the sea. In addition, it guarantees an endless variety of tourist attractions.

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