History of Carhué

Epecuén was the most beautiful daughter of the tribe chief. Her beauty attracted all the chiefs in the area and when it was known that whoever fought with braveness and audacity would win her love, all the warriors went fearlessly into battle. There was a man who succeeded in terrorizing rival tribes and his name became known all through the pampas: his name was Carhué. Carhué finally met stunning Epecuén and they fell in love, idolized each other and wooed. They became inseparable. Only before getting married did fate set them apart. Carhué suddenly caught a rare disease and Epecuén, inconsolably ran away on a night with a full moon. She ran farther and farther until she fell down and cried her eyes out. Her tears turned into a huge lagoon that swallowed her up. When Carhué learned about her beloved’s luck, he asked to be moved to the site where she had disappeared. At that moment, he could not even walk. Carhué found the lagoon, which had been formed a few hours before, and got into it as he heard Epecuén’s voice. He believed he saw her pretty face in those clear waters. The miracle happened immediately. Carhué had been healed. Ever since, the lake has been called Epecuén and its healing waters are still miraculous.
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