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Estancias in Argentina


Texts: Cristina Bozzoli, Pablo Etchevers
Estancias in Argentina

Buenos Aires features a wide variety of estancias ideal to enjoy with a partner or with the family. Visitors may choose to stay at the most typical and conventional estancia shells in the Argentinian countryside. Historical, majestic, coquettish and traditional, the estancias of Buenos Aires are equipped with everything necessary to satisfy guests? expectations.

Buenos Aires Corridor

Campo Oasis

Campo Oasis

Ciudad de Buenos Aires
Ruta 7 - Km 114 - San Andrés de Giles  Tel: 4687-0537  

Activities & Facilities: Horse rides Carriage rides Golf course 
Languages Spoken: Spanish

Located in the Province of Buenos Aires, more precisely in the District of San Andrés de Giles, there lies Campo Oasis, a perfect place to relax and enjoy the traditions of rural Argentina, just an hour away from the City of Buenos Aires. The site offers the opportunity to stay at our hotel and country lodge or else spend a full day enjoying various recreational activities specially thought for the entire family. Horseback rides, sulky rides, farm and orchard activities, playground, pond with fish, golf, archery and an exclusive spa for women turn Campo Oasis into the perfect site to escape boredom. In addition to all this, there are excellent gastronomic options that rescue the typical flavors of the Argentinian table in every dish. An ideal site for events, parties, retreats or just to enjoy with the family year round. You will always want to visit us again.
Don Silvano

Don Silvano

Capilla del Señor, Buenos Aires
Ruta 8 km. 87,3  Tel: +54 11 4314-3974  

Activities & Facilities: Swimming pool Horse rides Rural activities Carriage rides Museum Seminars and social functions 
Languages Spoken: SpanishEnglish 

Only one hour from the City of Buenos Aires, this is a spot to enjoy the vastness of the Argentinian countryside and the gaucho hospitability. Inside its 380 hectares, the ancient shell in Victorian style lodges all those who wish to rest from the urban rhythm. In addition to the large house hall, the El Galpón restaurant and the Caballeriza restaurant were reconditioned and remodelled for organizing events. Besides the various rural activities in which visitors may participate, the traditional gaucho festival is held, which proposes one entire day in the countryside, barbecues, folklore and Creole skills.
El Vinten River & Country Lodge

El Vinten River & Country Lodge

Baradero, Buenos Aires
Autopista Nº 9 - Km. 127 (desde aquí a 10 Km. sobre el Río Baradero)  Cel: +54 9 11 49721888   

Activities & Facilities: Swimming pool Horse rides Hikes Fishing Polo Water sports 
Languages Spoken: SpanishEnglish German Italian French Portuguese 


An exclusive retreat, El Vintén lies on a 25 meters (82 feet) high cliff overlooking the Baradero River, with a fascinating view of 40,000 hectares of wild islands that border the Paraná River. Only an hour and a half from Buenos Aires along the highway, the country and the river meet in this farm with placid views of the riverside. Separated from the main house which is a common shared space, the guest house offers spacious and cozy suites with large windows to appreciate the scenery. The gourmet asados in the shade of the trees by the swimming pool near the cliff, the afternoon tea in the gallery or dinner on the terrace are all part of the bucolic atmosphere of El Vintén. Activities such as horseback rides, fishing from the pier and nautical sports are also proposed for the visitor to enjoy and relax immersed in nature.
La Alameda

La Alameda

Chascomus, Buenos Aires
Circunvalación Km. 12.6  Cel: +54 9 11 57133534  

Activities & Facilities: Swimming pool Horse rides Hikes Fishing Carriage rides 
Languages Spoken: SpanishEnglish 

Nestled on the shores of the Chascomús Lagoon, estancia La Alameda is the ideal site to enjoy an unforgettable stay with your beloved ones. In the main house shell, the estancia offers 9 suites overlooking the lagoon and the aljibe backyard. They are all ornamented with period furniture and they feature various styles: French, Dutch, Italian, Art Deco and Argentinian. All of them are equipped with comfortable details and cold/heat air-conditioning. There is an exclusive dining-room with large windows, a living-room with a fireplace and a games room with satellite TV and DVD player. Opposite the venue and on the lagoon shore, the swimming-pool and the solarium invite guests to enjoy the sunshine and the fresh air. The activities available at the estancia are most varied and they range from rides on horseback and carts to fishing or hiking across the beautiful park that surrounds the shell. The homemade traditional dishes are the perfect complement for a relaxing stay in the Argentinian pampas.
La Mimosa

La Mimosa

Exaltación de la Cruz, Buenos Aires
Ruta 6 km. 171.5  Tel: (011) 4803-6356  

Activities & Facilities: Horse rides Carriage rides Museum Seminars and social functions 
Languages Spoken: Spanish

Just an hour away from the Federal District, in the location known as Exaltación de la Cruz, there lies Estancia La Mimosa, a pioneer in the rural tourism industry. Having been awarded prizes and used as a filming location for the big screen and for television as well in several opportunities, its shell dates back from 1869 and features an Italianate style with art nouveau traits. It is surrounded by an ancient tree grove.
For 30 years, this venue has been opening its gates to visitors to hold all kinds of social events at its facilities, such as weddings, corporate events, educational estancia and campsites. The "Day of the Countryside and the Gaucho Festival" is the main activity available in which famillies may enjoy a typical "asado criollo" with traditional dancing, cart rides, horseback rides and also horse shows such as the famous "corrida de sortijas”.
La Sofía

La Sofía

San Antonio de Areco, Buenos Aires
Ruta 7 - Km. 103  Cel: +54 9 2325 415980  

Activities & Facilities: Swimming pool Horse rides Hikes Carriage rides Tennis court Polo Golf course Body treatments 
Languages Spoken: SpanishEnglish German Italian French 

Located in the midst of the Argentine countryside, just one hour away from Buenos Aires City, La Sofia is an oasis of peacefulness, created and hosted by its owners and a faithful team that makes guests feel just like at home. The six en-suite rooms are cozy and spacious and create a comfortable atmosphere in the colonial-style main house.
The property features two irrigated polo fileds and a school for beginners and experts in this sport.
Asado criollo, homemade empanadas and vegetables grown in our orchard are always praised.

Activities & Services:
Day trip to the countryside – Horse rides – Extended horse rides with picnic included – Swimming pool with deck for sunbathing – Vintage horse carriage rides – Horse breaking and polo horse raising – Bird watching – Day polo clinics for beginners and demo matches – Intensive polo programmes – Excursions to San Antonio de Areco – Golf and tennis – King size box springs – Full board – Wine cellar – Hair dryer – Complimentary Wi-Fi – Safe-deposit box – Individual heating – Firewood – Room service – Laundry and dry cleaning service – Lounge with library, TV and DVD payer – Massages.
Laguna Vitel

Laguna Vitel

Chascomús, Buenos Aires
Autovía 2 - Km. 114.5  Tel: +54 11 49544444  Cel: +54 9 11 49914000  

Activities & Facilities: Horse rides Hikes Fishing Bird watching Water sports 
Languages Spoken: SpanishEnglish Italian 

Only one hour away from Buenos Aires, this paradisiacal estancia spreads across 50 hectares on the shores of the Vitel Lagoon, in Chascomús. A beautiful wood of eucalyptus and cypresses and 3 kilometers of private coastline ideal for fishing turn the estancia into a natural haven to rest and enjoy the countryside. Hikes, boat rides and excursions on horseback are complemented with the amazing sunsets.
Posada Los Eucaliptus

Posada Los Eucaliptus

Capilla del Señor - Buenos Aires
Martín Fierro s/n  Tel: (02323) 492-063  

Activities & Facilities: Swimming pool Horse rides Hikes 
Languages Spoken: SpanishEnglish 

This grand house dates from 1860. It has been refurbished in order to provide high quality accommodation services. It houses a front desk, an ample living-room, a playroom and a space where guests may enjoy a countryside breakfast.
It has 8 spacious rooms overlooking the lawn. The Eucaliptus tour includes a lake, an ancient pigeon loft and an organic orchard.
Activities include hiking, swimming in the pool, horseback rides and visit to the organic orchard
Puesto Viejo Estancia & Polo Club

Puesto Viejo Estancia & Polo Club

Cañuelas, Buenos Aires
Ruta Nacional No. 6, KM83, Cañuelas  Tel: +54 11 5279-6893  

Activities & Facilities:
Languages Spoken: SpanishEnglish 

PUESTO VIEJO is a 220-hectare estancia, the ideal site for those who are looking for shelter from the city stress and also for those who wish to visit, learn about and become familiar with polo.
The venue used to be part of Estancia La Primavera. In 2003, it was acquired by the Forrester-Baker family, who have turned it into an exclusive Polo Club and Boutique Hotel. Nestled in a forest of aged trees, the ancient shell of PUESTO VIEJO was recycled to create our hotel.
Our slogan is to make guests feel as if they were at home. We offer customized assistance and the benefits that a city hotel cannot provide. You may read your favorite book in the shade of one of our trees, relax at the swimming-pool or tour around the field on horseback, by bike or on foot. Enjoy the small lake and our ducks, geese and otters. A visit to the stables will give an idea of how we care for and train our polo horses. We offer a unique experience, a customized service and the most authuentic Argentinian cuisine.
Sauce Chico

Sauce Chico

Arrecifes, Buenos Aires
  Cel: +54 11 6187-0031  

Activities & Facilities: Swimming pool Horse rides Rural activities Hikes Bird watching Parking Pet allowed 
Languages Spoken: SpanishEnglish German 

Standing 200km away from downtown Buenos Aires, this cozy estancia opens its gates to rural tourism providing interesting programs to spend one day in the countryside or get away from the city and enjoy a short stay in the venue.
At Sauce Chico, guests may experience life in an agricultural venue, go for a walk and watch the birds or ride a horse around the area and enjoy the sunshine next to the swimming pool.
The polite assistance and the careful service turn this estancia into a comfortable shelter to relax and be relieved from daily routine and stress.
Villa María

Villa María

Máximo Paz, Buenos Aires
Ruta 205 Km. 47.5  Tel: +54 11 60912064  

Activities & Facilities: Swimming pool Horse rides Hikes Winery Carriage rides Tennis court 
Languages Spoken: SpanishEnglish 

Estancia Villa María lies on Route 205, on the way to Cañuelas, in Máximo Paz. Its shell is one of the most impressive examples of Tudor architecture in the Province of Buenos Aires.
Villa María has 11 luxurious rooms located in its main shell. It has been specially conditioned to provide the best service to our guests, who will feel immersed in a kind of well-being they will only experience at Villa Maria. The hotel has a gourmet restaurant, a bar, a wine cellar, a cigar room, billiards & board games, as well as a private room.
All rooms are equipped with king-size beds or twin beds dressed with Egyptian cotton sheets and y L'occitane amenities. They also have a shower stall and/or bathtub. Some of the rooms have TV sets with LCD and satellite television.
The hotel offers room service, laundry and dry cleaning, massage on request, wireless Internet connection without any extra charges and a selection of 30 classic DVDs to be enjoyed at your room.
Moreover, there is a private room where business meetings may be organized. It is equipped with overhead projector, flip chart, screen, fax, video, broad band connection and WI-FI.
Some activities that may be enjoyed: Carriage rides, Horseback rides, Outdoor swimming-pool, Tennis and volleyball courts, soccer field, Billiards and table tennis, DVD library, Board games, Hikes around the lawn, Bicycles
Botánica Serrana, Posada y Cabañas
Balcarce, Buenos Aires
Calle 48 Nº 2477 - Balcarce  Tel: +54 2266 424485   e-mail
Activities & Facilities: Swimming pool Horse rides Rural activities Hikes Winery Carriage rides Bird watching Body treatments Paragliding Seminars and social functions 
Casa la Carolina
Luján, Buenos Aires
Luján  Cel: +54 9 11 54234129   e-mail
Activities & Facilities: Swimming pool Horse rides Hikes Carriage rides Tennis court Polo 
El Cencerro
Capilla del Señor, Buenos Aires
Ruta 39 - Km. 3 - Capilla del Señor  Tel: +54 11 47432319  
Activities & Facilities: Swimming pool Horse rides Rural activities Hikes Fishing Carriage rides Bird watching 
El Ombú de Areco
San Antonio de Areco, Buenos Aires
Ruta 31 cuartel VI - Villa Lía  Tel: +54 2326 492080   e-mail
Activities & Facilities: Swimming pool Horse rides Winery Carriage rides Tennis court Bird watching 
El Retiro
Sierra de la Ventana, Buenos Aires
Sierra de la Ventana  Tel: +54 291 4915034   e-mail
Activities & Facilities: Swimming pool Horse rides Hikes Fishing Carriage rides Small game hunting Bird watching Golf course 
Estrella Federal
San Antonio de Areco, Buenos Aires
Cuartel 12 - El Paraíso  Cel: (03407)15-440122   e-mail
Activities & Facilities: Swimming pool Tennis court Polo Golf course Water sports 
La Alvariza
Chascomús, Buenos Aires
Ruta nacional 2 Km. 109  Tel: +54 2241 426008   e-mail
Activities & Facilities: Swimming pool Horse rides Rural activities Hikes Winery Carriage rides Bird watching Parking Seminars and social functions 
La Estrella
Balcarce, Buenos Aires
Ruta 226 km.113 - a 50 km. de Tandil  Tel: +54 11 43120022   e-mail
Activities & Facilities: Horse rides Hikes Winery Carriage rides Tennis court Indoor swimming pool 
La Fe
Chascomús, Buenos Aires
Ruta 20 km 28,5 - Cna. Magdalena  Cel: +54 9 2241 442222   e-mail
Activities & Facilities: Swimming pool Horse rides Rural activities Hikes Fishing Winery Bird watching 
La Horqueta
Chascomús, Buenos Aires
Ruta 2 km 114,5 desvío ruta 20  Tel: +54 11 48131910   e-mail
Activities & Facilities: Swimming pool Horse rides Hikes Bird watching Water sports 
La Josefina
Chascomús, Buenos Aires
Punta Indio - sobre la ruta 20  Cel: +54 9 11 65277101   e-mail
Activities & Facilities: Swimming pool Horse rides Hikes Fishing Winery Carriage rides Bird watching Golf course 
La Posesiva
Capilla del Señor, Buenos Aires
Ruta Nac.193 km. 15.5 - Cap. del Señor  Tel: +54 11 47173759   e-mail
Activities & Facilities: Swimming pool Horse rides Hikes Winery Carriage rides Seminars and social functions 
La Sistina
Laguna del Monte, Buenos Aires
Guaminí, a 470 Km al SE de Buenos Aires  Tel: +54 11 47766222   e-mail
Activities & Facilities: Horse rides Hikes Fishing Small game hunting Bird watching Water sports 
La Vasquita
Mercedes, camino a San Jacinto, Buenos Aires
Camino a San Jacinto  Cel: +54 9 11 32901968 / 2157 / 1751   e-mail
Activities & Facilities:
Las Víboras
Chascomús, Buenos Aires
250 km. de Cap. Fed. a 10 km. de la costa  Cel: +54 9 11 52288175   e-mail
Activities & Facilities: Swimming pool Horse rides Rural activities Hikes Carriage rides Water sports 
Manantial Lodge
Castelli, Buenos Aires
Ruta 11 - Km. 171  Tel: +54 2254 515039   e-mail
Activities & Facilities:
Pampas del Sur
Cañuelas, Buenos Aires
Ruta 6 km 62.5 (camino a Luján)  Cel: +54 9 11 63812210   e-mail
Activities & Facilities: Swimming pool Horse rides Carriage rides 
San Mateo
San Miguel del Monte, Buenos Aires
A 115 Km al sur de Buenos Aires   e-mail
Activities & Facilities: Swimming pool Horse rides Hikes Tennis court Big game hunting Polo Body treatments Water sports 
San Pedro
A 180 Km de Tandil, Buenos Aires
Ruta 51 - Km. 280 Tapalqué  Tel: +54 11 45047575   e-mail
Activities & Facilities: Swimming pool Horse rides Rural activities Hikes Fishing Body treatments 
Santa Gertrudis
Lezama, Buenos Aires
Ruta 2 - Km. 156 Lezama  Tel: +54 11 48015885    e-mail
Activities & Facilities: Swimming pool Horse rides Rural activities Hikes Fishing Bird watching Body treatments 
Susana Just
Florida, Buenos Aires
Arenales 2960 - Florida  Tel: +54 11 4760-0314   e-mail
Activities & Facilities: Swimming pool 
Tierra Chaná
Colonia Suiza - Baradero  Cel: (03329) 15-524199   e-mail
Activities & Facilities: Swimming pool Horse rides Fishing Winery 

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Estancias in Argentina
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