Plow Disc Cooking Festival

Plow Disc Cooking Festival Location Location : Villa Yacanto - Valle de Calamuchita, Date From : 04/28/2018 Thru : 05/01/2018

Villa Yacanto, a criollo town at the foot of Mounts Champaquí and Negro, has incorporated one of the most delicious gastronomic events in the country.
During four days, specialized cooks gather at Fiesta Nacional de la Comida al Disco de Arado to prepare delicacies in the most traditional countryside way. The winners are chosen by popular votes every year.

The ingredients arise from the idiosyncrasy of the mountain range: pork, beef, lamb, goat and empanadas are presented in a novel fashion The pioneers who settled in the valley contribute some element typical of European cuisine -such as beer or chucrut- to the basic components of rural lunch.

Firewood is the means used by cooks to heat the plow disc, as the use of gas stoves is not allowed. This certainly makes the event more authentic. It is interesting to see how the fire is lit and how the plow disc reaches such a high temperature that it is necessary to place the ingredients on the sides of the disc and the juice remain in the center of the utensil.
  • The iron pans

    The iron pans

  • Calamuchita Valley

    Calamuchita Valley

  • Crystalline rivers

    Crystalline rivers

  • At the foot of the Black Hills and Champaquí

    At the foot of the Black Hills and Champaquí

Even though tasting all the salty and sweet delicacies cooked in this iron pan is the aim of this encounter, there is a long activities schedule that ornaments the celebration. All of them are related to the music, singing and dancing developed by rural men. Folklore bands, humorous shows, choirs and the election of the queen are some of the events presented on the stage.

Attendants usually make themselves comfortable on portable chairs in an outdoor space overlooking the neighboring mountains. Within this family atmosphere, they are delighted by the best flavors and the fresh air while they are immersed in music all around.

Mónica Pons / Fiesta Nacional de la Comida en el Disco de Arado

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