Caviahue restaurants and gastronomy

At the base of the ski resort, the Las Lengas coffee-shop offers fast food and regional dishes, such as grilled goat's meat and hot wine punch. In the evenings, musical live shows are presented and on Fridays, do not miss the classical lit torches parade.

On the way back from the Pehuén chairlift is the coffee-shop bearing the same name. With a privileged panoramic sight, there is nothing better than looking for shelter in this tea house which also offers fast food. Besides, there is a refuge to taste mountain cuisine or a delicious cup of hot chocolate at the T-Bar coffee-shop.


Calle Los Ñires y Rolando Guevara S/N

+54 299-5027677

Del Lago y Las Lengas

+54 2948-495212

Puesta de sol s/n

Costanera Quimey Co S/N

+54 011-58308843

Los Pehuenes entre Calle 8 de Abril y Las Cascadas

+54 2948-495006

Avenida Quimey Có

+54 2942-473899

Av. Costanera Quimey Có s/n

+54 2948-495074

Base Copahue

+54 2948-495085

Quimey-Co y las Chaquiras

+54 2948-495222

Calle Puesta del Sol 230, casi Mapuches

+54 2948-495170

Steak Houses

Calle Los Ñires S/N, camino al Centro de Ski

+54 2948-495102

Restaurants and Pastry-shops

Base Copahue

+54 2948-495085


Calle Los Pehuenes y Las Lengas

+54 249-4626900


Av. Costanera Quimey Có esquina calle Puesta del Sol

+54 299-4589841

Pizza Shops

Las Lengas esquina Del Lago

+54 2948-495149

Tea Rooms

Los Ñires s/n

+54 223-4103457

Las Lengas S/N

+54 2948-495240

En galería Ex Techo Azul, Calle Bialous

+54 351-6330072

Quimey-Co y las Chaquiras

+54 2948-495222


Calle Los Ñires S/N, camino al Centro de Ski

+54 2948-495102

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