Santiago del Estero

Santiago del Estero Santiago del Estero City - Photos: Pablo Etchevers
Santiago del Estero City is situated on the banks of Río Dulce ( Sweet River ) and is proud of being the oldest city in the country and the Capital City of the Province.

It is topographically plain and dusty with a slight sloping to the northeast and southeast where Dulce River runs. There are rocks of quartz, feldspar and calcareous.

The ideal season to visit the city is Winter since it is sunny and warm. The Summer is hot being 45º C the maximum registered temperature.
One can get to this region of the country either by plane or by car through Nº 34 National Route.
The architecture is tipically modern but keeps some hints of colonial style that strongly take one to the origin of the city in 1553.

In the city, the tourist can go on city tours along Dulce River that provides a refreshing way surrounded by centenarial palm trees.
In Francisco de Aguirre Park , one can go to the Municipal Beach where water sports can be practised or visit the monument built in honour to the founder of the city.

Other interesting sites for the tourist are the Basilic Cathedral built in 1570, Santo Domingo Convent and the regional , anthropological and well known historic argentinean people museums.

In the outskirts, one can practise sport fishing, go on fourtrax excursions and go on interpretative archaeological circuits.
Warm climate and warm people welcome the tourist in this city. Visit Santiago Del Estero.

Map Santiago del Estero

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