Santa Teresita’s Tourist Attractions

Sightseeing around the seaside town. A pleasant way to get to know the main spots in Santa Teresita.

When we arrived in Santa Teresita, we were welcome by a cloudy day. Although we did not lose hope that the sun would shine at any moment so that we could enjoy the benefits of its beaches, we decided to get to know the seaside resort from the inside.

We hired a tour that promised to take us to the most representative places, teach us history and let us discover the idiosyncracy of the inhabitants that built up the identity of the town.

We started our trip and our first stop was at the seafront, between streets 39 and 40.

Close to the sea, we could admire the figure of the Santa María caravel. This exact replica of the caravel on which Christopher Colombus arrived in American shores is the second in exactitude on the world, being the one occupying the first place in Barcelona, Spain.

The ship is 23 m long and 8.50 m wide, with a height of approximately 7 m. It is made fully of wood: its structure is made of quebracho and its sides are lined with urunday. At present, it works as Tourist Information Office and Cultural Center. All kinds of exhibitions are organized in this place.

  • Estancia El Carmen

    Estancia El Carmen

  • Santa María caravel

    Santa María caravel

  • A great seaside resort

    A great seaside resort

  • As indigo and deep as usual

    As indigo and deep as usual

The vehicle took avenue 41 towards the Jorge Newbery Airdrome. On our way, we passed by the Plaza del Tango, where there is a sculpture of a dancing couple made of brass by a local artist. The story goes that the materials used for this artistic exposition were donated by the inhabitants of Santa Teresita, in honor of the particular musical genre.

We went out to Provincial Route 11 and, after a few meters to the South, we entered the 370 hectare premises of the aerodrome. Santa Teresita Aeroclub and its Pilot School, which also function in this place, offer aero-ambulance services, baptism and tourist flights.

The latter enable the visitor to appreciate the landscape of the beach from the air, with the variant of night outings. In these facilities, you can also visit the aeromodeling strip, where attractive and various models are exhibited in challenging flight shows.

We returned to the seaside resort and made a quick visit to the Automobile museum, located on avenue 32 and street 16. This particular institution opened its doors in December 17, 1994 and, in spite of the short time passed since its inauguration, it has more than 40 cars of different makes, motorbikes, gas pumps from the 1920’s, weapons from last century, radio sets, padlocks, keys and countless other antiques. A visit is recommended.

From there, the vehicle took us to the facilities of the Golf Club. But, before that, we passed by the neighborhood called “Santa Teresita sobre el monte”, a privileged place for its tree groves, its curve streets, and its outstanding and modern architecture.

When we entered the Golf Club, our guide told us that the institution had one of the best golf courses in the country in a 54 hectare estate with exuberant vegetation, including the 9-hole professional course, and a riding field with riding and show jumping school. It also has a tennis court and the so-called “Jagüel del Medio”. This word did not ring a bell, so we wanted to learn more about it. It turns out that it is used to call a natural water spring where the carts would stop for water supply in the early twentieth century. This place was a must for the pioneers of the area. Such denomination is due to the location of this site: on the border of Estancia San Bernardo, to the South and Campos del Tuyú, to the North.

For golfers, during January and February, 18-hole championships are organized daily and 36-hole at weekends.

After the tourist inspection and enjoying the intensely green surroundings, we were led to the seafront again, where our trip came to an end.

We got off at the famous fishing pier, which had been built in 1947 and was rebuilt in 1980. It is 200 m long and its width varies between 1.50 and 3 m. It is 3.50 m high and has public lighting for night use.

The sea was right in front of us, as indigo and deep as usual. Suddenly, the leaden clouds started to move away, and with that movement, the intense sunshine allowed us to see that we could enjoy the place that day.

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