Things to do in Puerto Deseado

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Along Darwin's Ria

We explored the winding paths of the Patagonian high plateau in the company of specialists to follow the track and dreams of a researcher from former times: Charles Darwin.

Bird watching

Bahía Laura Natural Reserve

The scene around Bahía Laura is so tempting that it well deserves a visit, even when many kilometers must be traveled along gravel roads that cross the Patagonian high plateau in order to reach it.

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Following the Deseado Ria

The bio-diversity of sea fauna featured by the Deseado Ria is a great attraction to go on an amusing navigation tour for several hours in contact with nature.

PaleontologyContemplative Tourism

Jaramillo, Petrified Forest

We discovered the secrets of a forest with huge petrified trees which millions of years ago proudly showed off its large size.

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Navigation and Wildlife Mapping at <i>Isla Pingüino</i>

A steep rocky island where the extremely beautiful southern rockhopper penguin nestles is accessed after a memorable navigation.

Contemplative Tourism

Parque Nacional Bosques Petrificados de Jaramillo

Apenas 150 millones de años atrás, el período jurásico presentaba densos bosques con gigantescos árboles, algunos de ellos parientes de los pehuenes o araucarias...


Pioneer Railway Station

The old walls of the railway station still house the secrets of the branch that gave life to Puerto Deseado in the early twentieth century.

Bird watchingContemplative Tourism

To the Cabo Blanco Sea Lions Reserve

Cabo Blanco fauna reserve is located on a triple rocky promontory overlooking the Argentinian Sea and is home to an important southern fur seal colony.

Tourism in Santa Cruz

In spite of being located in the distant south, the Province of Santa Cruz is becoming a protagonist in all travel guides. There is so much to do that it is a wonderful option as a holiday destination.


Two Centuries under the Sea

During a tour around the Mario Brozoski Municipal Museum which tasted like a treasure hunt, we observed objects from the shipwreck of the English corvette called Swift in the eighteenth century.

Contemplative Tourism

When Deseado Was a Colony

It is easy to discover certain historical tracks in a city that shows its origins, back in the eighteenth century, always facing the seashore.

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