Kumelkayen Beach and Campsite

There are several recreational spaces close to the urban grid in which Piedra del Águila takes pride. Perilago Campsite is an option with very good vibes.

Pichi Picún Leufú Reservoir lies downstream the Limay River, amidst a beautiful Patagonian environment. Surrounded by rocks of irregular shape, a lake with uneven shores and growing vegetation has been formed.

We drove to Kumelkayen Beach to spend one summer day and get to know the options available in the area. We were first surprised by how a moor had been turned into a green space, with sandy beaches and grass and shady spots. We moved around the bank, enjoying the new mowed grass and the lamp posts that light up the place at night. The work done at this location was evident.

We approached the administration office in order to get instructions regarding the activities we wished to enjoy. We were informed about the correct spot where we could access the water with our kayak and the grills where we could make asado.

  • A roofed watchtower

    A roofed watchtower

  • A green space, with sandy beaches and grass

    A green space, with sandy beaches and grass

  • Plots where tents may be pitched

    Plots where tents may be pitched

  • The grills where we could make asado

    The grills where we could make asado

  • Their beaches

    Their beaches

In the meantime, we noticed that a great deal of people of all ages had already settled down by the water under their beach umbrellas. We placed our picnic basket on the ground, the canoe in the water and got the extra safety items ready.

Before lunch, we went canoeing for a while and shared the water body with other watercrafts of different kinds. A windless surface enabled us to feel the quietness around us. The water brought along the voices of the people chatting joyfully on the beach and the noise made by the paddles.

According to what a local boy told us, fishing is the biggest attraction. "Trout and perch are caught here, either fly-casting, spin fishing or trolling" he said.

We discovered a "lifeguard" on top of a roofed watchtower. He was keeping an eye on the various water activities.

Perilago Campsite has plots where tents may be pitched, restrooms and showers and a coquettish coffee-house where the young meet at night to enjoy music, pizza and beer. We thought it was the ideal vacation destination.

Volleyball and football have their own space too. It is usual to see young people reaching the town on their motorbikes or ATVs to enjoy a game with their friends. After a comforting nap, we ourselves went back to our kayaks for another ride.

The beach and the campsite offer a quiet surrounding, good services and a pleasant spot where visitors may enjoy a day with the family, as if in an oasis amidst the Patagonian territory.

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Contact of the excursion or tour

Dir. de Turismo y Cultura Municipal

Ruta nacional Nº 237 kilómetro 1444 (8315) Piedra del Águila, Neuquén

Tel: +54 2942-493456

Camping del Perilago

Balneario Kumelkayen (8315) Piedra del Águila, Neuquén

How to get hereHow to get here: It lies 5 kilometers away from the district.

Bear in mindBear in mind: As far as angling is concerned, it is necessary to bear a license and to be familiar with the local fishing regulations, available at official venues and stores at Piedra del Águila.


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