Things to do in Jesús María

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Religious Tourism

<i>Estancia Jesuítica de Jesús María</i>

<i>Estancia de Jesús María</i> lies four kilometers north of <i>Estancia de La Caroya</i> and it is certainly worth a visit.

Religious Tourism

<i>Estancia Jesuítica Santa Catalina</i>

Close to Jesús María lies another Jesuit <i>estancia</i>: Santa Catalina. It is the largest one in the Jesuit Order.


Caroyense Tradition

We visited La Caroyense Winery and discovered the flavors of this ancient venue. Surrounded by barrels and casks, we learnt about the history of Colonia Caroya.

Religious Tourism

The Jesuit Estancias

The walls of the Jesuit <span style="font-style: italic;">estancias</span> enclose four centuries of the colonial history of our country. A journey to the past in order to learn about the work of the Company of Jesus.

Popular Holidays

The National Festival and Dressage and Folklore in Jesús María

Cada año, Jesús María vuelve a vestirse de fiesta en el Anfiteatro José Hernández para el Festival Nacional de la Doma y el Folklore

Tourism in Córdoba and its mountain ranges

The Province surprises visitors with its countless attractions, framed by the mountain systems, its rivers and creeks, its green areas and woodlands, its mild weather and its unique natural scenes...

Hotels and accommodations in Jesús María

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