Humahuaca Craftsmen Centre

At 276 Buenos Aires Street , Tantanahue Crafts Centre is situated- a place where teachers, students and native communities from Coctaca, Iruya and Rodeo show and sell their craft products.

As you enter the rooms making up the center, you will find varied hand made works that represent the expression of the autochthonous culture.

Each craft has the mame of its creator avoiding the chance of them being just considered as a product bought at any shop and outstanding the work and time spent on this creation by a special person making it exclusive and unique.

The most outstanding weaves are made of sheep, llama, alpaca and vicuña wool . Products are made with two needles or in native waist looms as well as fabrics and clothes made with them.

In pottery, you can find works with utilitarian aims while, in silversmithing, products are made for decoration.

  • Sell their craft products

    Sell their craft products

  • Exclusive and unique

    Exclusive and unique

  • Hand made works

    Hand made works

  • Each craft has the mame of its creator

    Each craft has the mame of its creator

You can also try home made jams and preserves as well as regional beverages. You will find wind and string musical instruments, carvings in cardon, tapestries, ponchos and leather products.

It is important to mention the work done by all teachers and associates in a jointly effort to open this center every week day. Some of them are Escalante Cruz, Manuel Baldivieso, Pablo Martínez, Walter Palacios, Juan Zamora and Javier Quirós.

As you visit Humahuaca, you can choose to learn about the customs and creeds of the region through the works of art shown at the Crafts Center of the Town. Visit it!

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