Tours and Activities in Libertador General San Martín

  • Calilegua National Park

    Calilegua National Park

    106 km. away from San Salvador de Jujuy, there lies Calilegua National Park, created to protect over 76,000 hectares of yunga, an environment with one of the richest biodiversities in the Republic of Argentina.

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  • Tourism in Jujuy

    Tourism in Jujuy

    The Province of Jujuy is a very special place for tourists as even the smallest cities have been chosen as the trendiest destinations when it comes to going on a trip around northern Argentina.

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  • Urban Traits of Libertador San Martín

    Urban Traits of Libertador San Martín

    A city with the spirit of a town surprises visitors with its broad shady streets and a settlement that reaches the neighboring hills.

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